• Lincoln Zephyr

Lincoln MKZ – luxury car class upper-medium produced by the company Ford Motor Company Lincoln brand since 2006. It is a variant of the Lincoln Zephyr zrestylizowana year 2005 which did not comply with the new rules of naming Lincoln brand cars.

Lincoln MKZ I was first introduced under the name… Lincoln Zephyr in the automotive trade fair in New York in 2004.

Production of the Zephyr was launched on 1 August 2005 in the Mexican plant in Hermosillo. This is an exclusive variety of Ford Five Hundred.

In the year 2010 prepared a refreshed version of the MKZ model, which was presented in spring 2009. Modernized the appearance of the body, suspension system and features a new 6-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

In September 2010, was introduced to sell a hybrid version (it was the first time in this segment, where the hybrid version was offered at a price the same as the base petrol model ).

Lincoln MKZ II as a concept was first introduced in the automotive trade fair in Detroit at the start… early 2012. The version ™ PRODUCTION… shown during the trade fair in New York in 2012.

The second generation model divides the floorboard of the Ford models – Fusion and Mondeo.