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The Lincoln Sport Group, or LSG as his initials, was a squad of motorsports, created in Argentina and to take absolute relevance for their roles in the motoring category Speed ​​Race. It was founded in 2001 by Hugo scribe Cuervo, in the locality of Lincoln, which would take its name and which remained his base for eleven years. This squad throughout their stay within the category, tried some way to revive the spirit of the old TC team, since its inauguration presenting an organized structure, with the almost exclusive Ford Falcon preparation units and counting in its ranks with its unique motor coach, Marcelo "Machete" Esteban, something that was unusual and that most motorists do not have exclusive contracts with any corner. This team was characterized in its early years by the quality of the preparation of their units, which always showed good potential when it comes to fighting for the win. However, this picture began to decline from 2006, when the title fight after that year, turn your pilot Aventín Diego was disqualified from the tournament due to technical anomalies in the unit. Despite having lifted the title in 2009, a string of shocking events in the following years, would eventually tarnish the image of LSG, causing the removal of the same in 2011, after a new and very controversial disqualification.

In his eleven years of participation in the Road Tourism, Sport Lincoln Group won the championship in 2009 and runner-up in 2005 and 2010. Upon his retirement from the activity had on their roster with pilots Gabriel Ponce de Leon, Mauro Giallombardo and Nestor Girolami, who were in full fight for the title. As an "economic compensation", the scribe Hugo Cuervo end selling their units to their ex-drivers who end up forming GPG Racing squad, whose name comes from the initials of each pilot (Girolami, Ponce and Giallombardo).

In 2001, with the interest to participate in the top racing speed Argentina, Hugo Cuervo enthusiastic scribe, is launching a project which would end up founding his own structure for the Turismo Carretera racing. In this way and based in the town of Lincoln, Buenos Aires, founded the Lincoln team Sport Group, which intervene in the powers of TC over 11 years. From the beginning, this squadron adopted a highly media profile since that year had a completely fixed and exclusive campus when most teams rented the services of its suppliers. At the same time, would be the first squad to identify with a particular brand, after years in which there were the official teams, and that taste of its owner were only used Ford Falcon units to compete.

In his first team, the team was presented as being first pilots to Rafael Verna, Diego and Alejandro Occhionero Aventín who submit to run three Ford Falcon. Care of them, was in charge of the engine Marcelo Esteban. This coach end up being one of the most representative symbols of this squad, as throughout the 11 years of existence of the same, had an exclusive contract with her in the provision of engines. The first results, put the Lincoln Sport Group as a rival to care and take into account.

The years passed until in 2003 the first expansion team occurs. The structure was enlarged with the incursion of ex-champion of the TC 1994, Eduardo Ramos. A year later, would join the ranks of LSG one of its most emblematic drivers who compete in this squad for a long time. Emanuel Moriatis The team advances continue to grow with each victory achieved by any of its pilots. Two years later, in 2005, the team again enlarged, this year refichando pilot Aventín Diego. Earlier this year, promises raised by the Lincoln end up coming true, starring in the dispute over the scepter of the TC of the hand of his rider Rafael Verna. A series of wins and podiums, more definition to the millimeter with your opponent’s turn, the Chaco Juan Manuel Silva, they put seasoning to a definition that would end up being for the JP Racing driver, leaving Verna and to the LSG at the gates of his first major title.

However, one of the darkest pages in the history of this squad would finish writing the following year. The 2006 definition was again fighting to LSG title with JP Racing, although this time the rivals were Norberto Fontana and Diego Aventín JP of LSG. An anomaly detected in the vehicle Aventín (used piston rings out of regulation), after having won the penultimate round of the tournament, Unleash Scandal coming to take high level media and with the main responsibility to the owner of the squadron, the scribe Hugo Cuervo. That year and benefited from such declassification was crowned champion Norberto Fontana pilot while Aventín was suspended by his rules infraction. Thus began to weave LSG black history.

In 2007, again a fact of similar characteristics would the LSG in the eye of the storm, when were detected abnormalities in three cars in the 13 th time, being willing suspension order for the whole team, which then aligned to Verna Ramos and Moriatis. Finally, the suspension would be on team owner, Hugo Cuervo, who receive a provisional suspension "permanent record recidivism in the last year ".

However, the team would be strong in the following years. After heading Aventín Diego and Rafael Verna and removal of Eduardo Ramos, the LSG Emanuel decides to bet all Moriatis after the regular campaign in 2008, in which the three cars LSG (Aventín, Moriatis and Verna) to classify Playoff unable to devote any champion. This year, the pilot would Lanús the definition again against pilots JP Racing, however the disadvantage that did not allow him to win the championship.

For 2009, again Moriatis be submitted to compete and would enter their name in the playoffs, reaching the definition date at a total disadvantage. However, the possibility that the tournament is set ahead of time, makes the ACTC decides to change the rules in the last race, which ends up favoring the pilot of LSG, as the new legislation doubled the score on the last date. Thus after many years of fighting, the LSG gets Turismo Carretera champion crowned with Moriatis Emanuel driving his Ford Falcon.

In 2010, the team again enlarged by the incursion of Gabriel Ponce de Leon as new addition. During this period, the LSG unleashes its power putting the driver at the head of Junín regular season, monopolizing actions and winning the regular season. However, in the definition, neither Ponce nor Moriatis fell short of Exhibited throughout the year, resigned the title, but not the runner that had been in the pocket Ponce de León two dates after winning the regular season.

Finally, despite many efforts to emerge from this bad image left in 2006, the year 2011 would be the year of the decline of this post. Earlier this year, ACTC ruled the decision to implement the draw of motors, and the pilots of each brand. This decision was harshly criticized by Hugo Cuervo, who in an effort not to give the exclusive work performing his lifelong biker, Marcelo Esteban, tried to ask the entity participation in the draw, but their engines are only drawn between its pilots. That claim was reproached by Marcelo Esteban, who would move away disgusted by the illogical decision posed Hugo Cuervo, after 10 years of exclusive work for LSG. At the same time, another cimbronazo is happen when after eight years of competing for squad, Moriatis Emanuel announced his disengagement from LSG, passing the RV Competition squad.

Despite these emblematic low, would add to the squadron pilots Néstor Girolami and the 2010 champion of the TC track, Mauro Giallombardo, in addition to coach and former rider Fabian Acuña who advised Giallombardo in their pursuit of title. All in all, it added Carlos Laborito work on engines and chassis Mouriño Sebastian. At the same time, with the arrival of Girolami and for the first time in eleven years, the squadron entered the first vehicle "Non-Ford" as the Cordoba pilot would remain faithful to Torino Cherokee that was driving last year.

The first results began to arrive, with victory on the second date Girolami and podiums obtained by Giallombardo, which positioned the young pilots in expectant LSG positions. However, again the incompetence of its president would squander the great results obtained, when after the fifth day run at the Autodromo Juan y Oscar Gálvez, the controversy would end at the end of LSG would begin. That race was won by forceful way by the pilot Gabriel Ponce de León. However, the technical authorities noticed an anomaly in the location of a drag car within Ponce (it was located in the trunk, which is illegal as it is stipulated the location within the interior of the car), proceeding disqualification pilot Junín. That decision would trigger the chagrin of Hugo Cuervo, who would be responsible for all means of reprimanding that decision, arguing that came with that configuration running three years ago, which would end cast a pall of doubt Moriatis title. For as unfortunate statements, CCTA end punishing Ponce de León with a date of suspension and Hugo Crow with lifetime expulsion of every commitment had the Turismo Carretera. The reaction of Cuervo, would the removal of his squad TC, leaving their pilots to chance without possibilities to continue competing. This would close one of the darkest pages of Argentine motoring.

After the departure of Hugo TC Raven, Giallombardo, Ponce de León and Girolami were a grim picture. With the tournament on track, the three drivers had to find a way of overriding the ability to continue to compete, given that all three were located in expectant position in the championship. In the absence of Ponce de León of the sixth round through suspension, he would add that of Girolami, who was on foot did not find an available unit for to continue the fight. Meanwhile, Mauro Giallombardo get find a vehicle to compete, however this was not the performance of LSG your Falcon. In this situation, Hugo Cuervo scene offering them reappear in their former pilots the possibility to acquire their former units, as well as the whole structure of ex-Lincoln Sport Group. All three drivers would end gathering with the clerk, reaching a common agreement and acquiring all package offered to give rise to GPG Racing (the name of the initial sale of Giallombardo, Ponce and Girolami, the new owners of the squad), starting a new stage in the TC. Ownership of equipment, was held by Néstor Giallombardo, father Mauro, and it consists of a cooperative formed by ex-mechanics disappeared Lincoln. With your returned cars, again the three pilots return to show their potential intact machines, making Ponce de Leon and Giallombardo on the podium in the race run in Junín, valid for the tenth round of the 2011 calendar.

In late 2011, Crow Hugo reappear in the automotive scene, giving a surprise announcement: Return of Lincoln Sport Group. The ambitious project Scribe however, did not include the return of the squadron to Turismo Carretera but restructuring its fleet within the Top Race V6 category, being a participant in the New TRV6. To do this, Cuervo acquire two new Mercedes-Benz C-Class units, which shall make available to the Juan Bautista De Benedictis pilots and Mauro Giallombardo, from the year 2012. In addition, Hugo Cuervo began landing approach a project within the category TC 2000, which seeks to enter Volkswagen Vento with two units, which have lists ensure to compete. Moreover the possibility of landing with official support from the German and presumably with the incorporation of Mauro Giallombardo the wheel of one of these units pack. Unfortunately, none of these projects materialize, but the big surprise would occur again in the Turismo Carretera, after news that the Tourism Road Riders Association decided to lift the suspension hanging over lifetime Cuervo, allowing return to CT and can regain its place within category as Lincoln Sport Group. Hugo’s squad Cuervo, take charge of a section of the GPG Racing team (formed on the basis Raven had left) and be responsible for the care unit pilot Juan Bautista De Benedictis, who had come to GPG in 2012.