• Lincoln Premiere

The Lincoln Premiere was a luxury car that was manufactured in the model years 1956 to 1960 from Lincoln.

This year, the premiere of the Capri superseded as a top model. The car had been thoroughly revised. The tail fins models now had a forwardly inclined front headlights had received barges and the lateral chrome strips had received a z-shaped insert at the height of the rear doors. The bodies – a four-door sedan, a two-door hardtop coupe and a two-door convertible – were approximately 75 mm in length compared to last year’s models gained.

Like its sister models had the premiere of an overhead-V8 engine with 6030cc displacement, 285hp developed (210 kW) at 4600 rpm. The engine power is transmitted via a three-speed automatic to the rear wheels.

The bodies were a significant revision. Below the main headlights, two additional lights were used. The tail fins were dramatically increased, so that the tail lights were inclined at an angle of 30 ° to the rear. The side chrome bars ran straight back, but had a V integrated in the rear fender ends. Front and rear windows were designed as panoramic windows. Came to the three body styles of the previous year a four-door hardtop sedan it.

The performance of the unchanged big engine rose to 300hp (221 kW) at 4800 rpm Electrically adjustable seats, electric windows, power steering and brake booster were starting this year as standard equipment.

For model year 1958 Lincoln Premiere was completely redesigned. Instead of the previous separate frame, the vehicle now had a self-supporting body. The premiere was significantly longer. Its wheelbase has increased to 3327 mm; the outer length increased by 125 mm. The body was completely redesigned. The grille was slightly higher, and the dual headlights were slanted. New were the clear-cut tail fins. To the to drive larger and heavier car adequately, there was a larger engine with 7046cc, which delivered a power output of 375hp (276 kW) at 4800 rpm.

The model range of the premiere was limited in 1958 to a four-door sedan and a two-door coupe. The convertible was no longer offered as of 1958.

For model years 1959 and 1960 the construction of the premiere was essentially unchanged. The body was preserved; the modifications were limited to lateral trim on the fenders (1959) and new front bumpers, the now so-called "Dagmar Bumpers" had (1960). For them it was round chrome bumper strike, which should produce an association with female breasts.

The performance of the otherwise unmodified engines in 1959 reduced to 350hp SAE and 1960 to 315hp.

The Premiere occupied from 1958 to the middle place in the brand hierarchy. New top model was the Continental Mark III, which was technically identical to the premiere and also used the same body, but was much better equipped. The Mark III was officially marketed not as a Lincoln, but as Continental. 1959 was the top model Continental Mark IV and 1960 Continental Mark V. They kept their agreement in principle with the premiere in at this time.

From 1961 there was no longer the simple two-appointed series Capri and Premiere. Only the Lincoln Continental was offered, which had a completely different body.

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