• Lincoln Maharaja

Maharaja (also written Maharaja) is an Indian ruler title. The word comes from the Sanskrit that great ruler (maha is large and lofty, rajah of lord or prince) is indicated. Maharajas were once rulers (often feudal) kingdoms. The (main) wife of a Maharaja is called Maharani.

At the time of British rule in India, approximately two-thirds of the Indian subcontinent from so-called sovereign nations, which were ruled by a Maharaja. The British had granted limited autonomy. These Principalities When India became an independent republic in 1947, the Maharajas lost their power.

Some Maharajas had a higher status than their peers. They were called Maharana. The most important among them, Maharana Pratap, resided in the city of Udaipur. To him, the current Udaipur airport named.