• Lincoln L-series

The Saturn L-Series is a car model of the American manufacturer Saturn Corporation, which was manufactured by the spring of 1999 until mid-2004.

The L-series based on the Opel Vectra B. The body and interior were adapted to the needs of American customers. The relationship of the four-door sedan, five-door station wagons of the LS and SW for Vectra B can be seen especially on the side window line. The rear design of the combination is strongly reminiscent of a blend of Vectra B Caravan and Astra G Caravan.

After modest sales success and name disputes to the abbreviation LS with Ford America and Toyota (the Lincoln LS sells) (distributes the Lexus LS), the series was renamed from model year 2001 L-Series. The sedans were now, L200 and L300 offered as L100, the combination were called henceforth LW200 LW300 and.

After a revision in the autumn of 2002, the model name on the Kombi was cut parallel to the L200 and L300 sedan on. The L100 variant was deleted. The revised L-Series is on the modified front-end design (bias cut larger headlights, trapezoidal grille grille with integrated Saturn logo, new bumper) and rear design (plain red tail lights, modified bumper) recognizable.

To simplify the production, all the extras were removed down to the electric sunroof from the program for the 2005 model year. The attention was L300 (sedan and wagon) focused on the line that have already been taken with the 2004 model year from the program L200.

Saturn L300 (2002-2004)

Saturn LW300 (2002–2004)

After a construction period of five years and 406 300 vehicles built, the last Saturn L-Series ran in June 2004 by the band. The successor is called Saturn Aura and Opel Vectra based on the C.

1999er Produktinformation des Herstellers für den US-Markt "It’s more than a piston. It’s part of something bigger. L-SERIES – Saturn" und 2003er Produktinformation des Herstellers für den kanadischen Markt "L-SERIES 2003 – Saturn"

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