• Lincoln Lido

The EL-Series was a full-size luxury car produced by Lincoln from 1949 to 1951.

The model was presented April 22, 1948. The ES-Series, which was the first all-new postwar car produced by Lincoln, had a more aerodynamic than other models sold in 1948. The ES-Series was also equipped with a windshield made of two pieces, the structure of which was But a little ‘dated, not very in tune with the style in vogue at the time. Overall, the ES-Series models looked like a lot of Mercury contemporaries. However, the presence of headlights of a front arrears and peculiar, made the ES-Series quite recognizable.

The EL-Series was offered in three versions, namely two-door coupe, two-door convertible and four-door sedan. The model had installed a V8 engine of 5.5 L displacement. This engine was mounted on the front, while the rear-wheel drive was. The types of change were two available, namely a three-speed manual transmission ratios and an automatic transmission Hydra-Matic four-speed.

In 1950, a new grille that was developed horizontally improved the appearance of the car, making it look more like the Lincoln era. The name of the model was positioned as in the previous year, on the front fender, although it was formed by bigger letters. In the middle of the model year was introduced Lido, namely a coupe with sunroof, vinyl interior and a special body with different ornaments and distinctive features. The Lido was launched on the market in response to the hardtop introduced by General Motors in 1949 and was similar to the coupe version of the Mercury Monterey and Lincoln Cosmopolitan. The Lido but they were produced a few specimens.

In 1951, the model was revised. After the changes, the model presented a completely new front, at that time, however, raised several criticisms. Apart from this, they were also changed other parts of the bodywork. The word "Lincoln" was moved to the rear of the car. On this occasion, it was also updated Lido.

The model was assembled in Los Angeles, Dearborn and Saint Louis.