• Lincoln Custom

The Lincoln Custom was a luxury car that was manufactured in the model years 1941 and 1942 of Lincoln. In model year 1955, there was again a series under this name, which replaced the Cosmopolitan.

The pre-war custom originated from the other two Lincoln models Zephyr and Continental by extension of the chassis by 13 "(wheelbase: 3,505 mm). The car was the mascot of the Continental and the front of the Zephyr The luxurious interior was in blue, green. fawn or fawn corduroy fabric or held.

The only seven-seater sedan or 7-seater Pullman limousine cars available had, as its sister models, a side-valve V12 engine with 4,785cc displacement, 120hp the beginning (88 kW) at 3,500 min-1. developed. 1942, the output increased to 130hp (96 kW) at 4,000 min-1. A three-speed manual transmission with column shift and hydraulic brakes on all four wheels were standard.

After the Second World War, the big cars were not initially be launched. In 1959 appeared again a Lincoln Continental Pullman in the series.

The post-war custom was the successor of Cosmopolitan and presented the simpler series of Lincoln vehicles this model year dar. The 2-door hardtop coupe and four-door sedan available car had a wheelbase of 3,124 mm. Powered she was – like her sister series Capri from a overhead-V8 engine with 5588cc displacement, the (165 kW) made min-1 n 225hp at 4,400. A three-step automatic transmission belonged to Standard equipment.

The following year, the newly designed Capri took over the role of the simpler series.

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