• Lincoln Cosmopolitan

The Lincoln Cosmopolitan was a luxury car that was manufactured in the model years from 1949 to 1954 by Lincoln.

1949 sparked the Cosmopolitan from the Continental as the top model. The cars were presented for the first time in a pontoon with integrated front and rear fenders. The Cosmopolitan series was somewhat smooth-surfaced kept than the simpler Lincoln series and had a solid windshield. There four-door sedan with levels and fastback, two-door coupe and two-door convertible were built.

Like its sister models had the Cosmopolitan a side-valve V8 engine with 5,518cc displacement, 152hp developed (112 kW) at a speed of 3.600/min. The engine power was routed through a manual three-speed gearbox (also with overdrive) to the rear wheels. For an additional charge there for the first time at Lincoln also an automatic transmission. It is resorted to for lack of a own with derHydramatic of General Motors.

A special production on the basis of the Cosmopolitan 9EH originated in Raymond Dietrich Inc. in Detroit for the White House. It was a four-door convertible as a prime vehicle. It was built on an extended chassis and was long with a wheelbase of 3683 mm over 6 feet. The weight was around 3 tons. The equipment included the flag holder on the front bumper, a red warning light, one outside of the rear mounted spare ("Continental Kit") and retractable treads under the rear fenders for accompanying CIA agents. At the request of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953 equipped with a Plexiglas cover on the Creative Industries of Detroit-made.

Bodies and engine remained in the following year, only the hatchback sedan was no longer offered. This requires an additional, better-equipped coupe came (not to be confused with the Lincoln Capri subsequently produced) by the name of Capri.

Little changes were also 1951. Ledig Leich the motor increased by 2hp to 154hp and now made (113 kW). The heavy chrome strip above the front wheel arches gave way to a narrower over the entire car length.

1952 Lincoln bodies have been completely revised. The pontoon was replaced by a slight tail fin. The previously rear-hinged rear doors of the four-door model was replaced by the front-hinged copies. The Cosmopolitan there was next to the 4-door sedan only a new, 2-door hardtop coupe. His role as a top model, he handed over to the new Capri Series. Also new was the top-driven V8 engine of 5,201cc with the help of a Holley carburetor double scooped a power output of 160hp (118 kW) at 3.900/min. The manual transmission were gone; there was only the Hydra-Matic.

While no changes were made to the bodies, the engine received a significant performance boost: A Holley four-barrel carburetor enabled him to deliver 205hp (151 kW) at 4.200/min.

In essence, the bodies remained in the last year of production unchanged, but increased by about 25 mm in length. The belt slipped slightly higher and was again characterized by a chrome strip on the entire length of the vehicle.

In the following year the Custom replaced the Cosmopolitan.

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