• Lincoln Capri

The Lincoln Capri was a car model that was produced in model years 1952 to 1959 from Lincoln.

1952 sparked the Capri the Cosmopolitan – which was, however, continue to be built – as a top model. The somewhat fresh styled vehicles were as a 4-door sedan, available as a hardtop coupe and as a convertible with 2 doors. Like its sister models had the Capri a top-driven V8 engine with 5201cc displacement, the 118 kW (160hp) at 3900/min. developed. The engine power was a "Hydra-Matic" automatic transmission to the rear wheels forwarded. While the bodies remain the same in the following year, the same size engine now developed 151 kW (205hp).

In 1954 the vehicles had risen slightly in size and weight; they were about 25 mm longer and 25 mm wider. On the hood there was a large V chromed metal below the Lincoln emblem. The engine, however, remained the same. 1955 again the styling was slightly revised: The grille lost its chrome-plated cross bar. In addition there was a bigger engine: 5588cc, he drew from 165 kW (225hp) at 4400 rpm.

1956 stood at a bigger facelift: The vertical chrome bar in the grille and the headlights were returned fashionable barges. The side moldings were in the rear doors a Z. Again, a larger engine was fitted, the (285hp) drew from 6030 cm ³ 210 kW. The convertible was omitted. At the same time, sales figures fell (see below) dramatically. The power steering – often previously selected special equipment – was now standard.

In the next model year, the rear of the car was significantly changed by gigantic, obliquely backward-reaching tail fins. At the front auxiliary lights came below the main headlights to the grille and was somewhat simpler. The side moldings ran again substantially straight, only in the area of ​​the rear bumper, they formed a small V. The remaining two body styles came a 4-door hardtop sedan it. The Performance of the otherwise unchanged engine increased to 221 kW (300hp).

In 1958, the bodies were completely redesigned. The front showed a broad and high grille with many small rectangles, which was flanked by obliquely dual headlights. The significantly longer and heavier cars had now also back – like forward since 1957 – a panoramic screen. The new interpretation corresponded to the larger engine with 7046cc capacity and Holley four-barrel carburetor. He developed 276 kW (375hp) at 4800 rpm.

In 1959, the last year of Capri, had the "arms race" to an end: The cars were 50 mm shorter and the engine power is lower by 25hp. Stylistically, little changed. The following year, the new Continental Mk V took over from the Capri as a top model.

* = Contains the number of Cosmopolitan Limousine 1952

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