• Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno (LP750-4) Lamborghini supercar unveiled at Love the International Motor Show in Geneva, 8 March 2013 year. The vehicle was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand. Veneno name in spanish State means the venom poisons.

Structurally auto rests Lamborghini Aventador on. Auto was established half the number of 3 copies that have been sold. Each of them has a different color: white, green and red (like the flag in Oh). Price of each of them towering genus of about 3.6 million. Unveiled at the Geneva item is number 0 Slated on the Lamborghini Museum. Body supercar was a made with snake carbon fiber background. Drive car spends centrally placed engine with capacity of more 6.5 liter in the uk board V12 with a maximum power of 750hp.

Stephan Winkelmann President of the brand in August 2013 betray, Small Lamborghini plans produced version Veneno roadster model. 9 units of the will has to selected customers about which no one up do not know. Price of the car is has about 3.3 million.