• Lamborghini Urraco

Lamborghini Urraco – Lamborghini sports model, produced in the years 1972 to 1979. Presented at the Salon in Turin in 1970.

In the early 70s the company Lamborghini has decided and constructed “Cheap” sports car. Mia it would the car is a bit heavier than Miura. This price segment to dominated by the Porsche 911 and Ferrari Dino 246 Project commissioned the company Bertone. Ferrucio Lamborghini to picky, because only a third of the projects Bertone him up like it. The obvious advantage compared with Porsche and Ferrari to be having this small Urraco be about 4-seat car (2 +2). Auto presented in 1970, and production start it Two years later. The vehicle based on tubular steel frame. Bodyshells so small made of steel. Despite the small shape to the body timeless, the interior is not to be having a strong point pages Urraco. Because of to low Pricing abandoned the leather upholstery. Sam dashboard also be a not very pretty, and as Taken by on a very low level for a Lamborghini. On the back of a can S sit can at most small children. Here the backs mounted engine. Lamborghini Urraco was the first of V8 engine. Mia a 2.5 liter capacity of more and obtain 162 kW (220hp). Provides pretty fine small axis of the strings, but the problem was low torque. For the suspension to be having a perfect e Variant for the U.S. market called up Tipo III.

Urraco Rallye is a racing version of the P250 Uracoa created by Bob Wallace. To create this car was used Urraco P250, 1973. To This third consecutive copy of this model, which was produced. First modified engine. Zwi Kszono capacity to 3 liters, added after 2 valves per cylinder (ie, the engine had 4 valves per cylinder). The engine develops a makeover 228 kW (310hp). It is believed up, small engine that was replace with new risers Urraco P300, but there is no evidence for that. Modification submissive and these steel frame. Was reinforced by the increasing in amount Those and improving of quality welds. Arrangement of brake and suspension have been replaced Pione you Cigowymi counterparts. Redesigned as wheel arches, to be able to uses much larger wheels. Mounted on the tailgate of a big spoiler, which train pulled on behind necessity redesign of the rear part of the frame to hold great up pressure, how produces with the rear wing o Urraco Rallye just taken of only one race, rather rally supersamochodĂłw. The vehicle was soon demolished on part. Find you out However, people and plans for the car, so you can be happy be and its reconstruction. Currently Urraco Rallye is located in Japan.

P200 produced version has been in the years 1975-1977. Was presented on a Salon in Turin in 1974.

‘s Most productive Urraco abszym to model P200. Presented been together with more powerful version P300 at the Salon in Turin. P200 propelled by by the modified engine with the P250 model. Its capacity was reduced to a 2 l, and power up to 134 kW (182hp). In the Coupled with low torque amounts to embracing only 177 Nm vehicle to not very dynamic. Reaches a speed maximum 215km/h, slightly more than roadsters produced in the late important time by Lamborghini. To limit the masses vehicles P200 was built on the frame of the P250. The appearance of a external Trznym anything up not change the background, and the interior prevent yczono of P300, which is more comfortable and better made than the P250. Within a two years of production sold only 66 units Urraco P200. These were being sold only in the Italy. In 1977 he was withdrawn from the market.

Version P300 produced in the years 1974-1979. Was presented on a Salon in Turin in 1974.

Lamborghini Urraco P300 presented in 1974 in Turin be the response company on the Ferrari 304 GT4. It uses a motor with P250 reamed to a capacity of 2996 cm3 you. Obtained with the 184 kW (250hp) and a larger one torque. Despite the low power consumed for a lot of fuel – about 21 l/100km. Because of the better-axis strings, whole and its design has been strengthened and additional elements, which cause a small increase in weight by 200kg. Uros car a few centimeters in any occasion party. Changes to hurt small as in the the interior. Was about it much better muted, installed better, leather armchairs. Carried out equally Cosmetic fixes to the dashboard. Urraco P300 offered much better axle strings and comfort of P250 and he is considered the best car in the family Urraco. On the basis of Urraco P300 was formed roadster s silhouette and the part of Jalpa. in contrast account the of P250, P300 to sold only in Europe. Despite the attractive price sold only 190 units. To is the only model of how other Urraco in sales after 1977.