• Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini LM002 off-road vehicle produced by Lamborghini between 1986 to 1993. Produced 301 vehicles. To This puzzling design Lamborghini, a company that of specialized up a production supercars.

Lamborghini build on their first car for the army in 1977, was he dubbed “Cheetah”. This model was constructed with thought of his sales for the U.S. Armed Forces. Originally Cheetach prototype had mounted at the back of the vehicle from Chrysler V8 engine. The prototype was destroyed when tested by the U.S. Army. This will force For a Lamborghini to build a new car. So was formed Model LM001 (LM from Lamborghini Militari), very similar to the Cheetah prototype, but with the V8 engine from AMC.

The internal combustion engine mounted at the back of the vehicle makes many problems in running the car after the animal pits, constructed so the LM002 model with a completely new chassis and motor mounted on the front axis (This is not a V8 but already known V12 Lamborghini Countach model). After many tests started this production LM002 model.

Car thanks aggressive styling and powerful Nemu engine to achieve an success. Civilian models to a small luxuriously equipped they are, interior be covered with skin, wood, has a small electric tinted windows and good grades audio system. Lamborghini will order With Pirelli tires construct relevant to this model.

Military version lacking was a luxury fitted down, he found out about while in her place to mount a machine gun. The car has up successfully among the troops states of the Middle East.

In 1988, Lamborghini will order With a group of engineer to prepare the model LM002 to attend the Rally Paris-Dakar. The car was devoid of any rebounds coordinates to drive things to decrease its butter, strengthened and improved suspension, the engine was undergone many modifications and then his power is with 600 hp. Unfortunately, due to lack of money the car will not sentence her pregnancy take participate in the Rally Paris-Dakar, page however, successful in other races.