• Lamborghini Jarama

Lamborghini Jarama 400 GTS coupe2 +2 sports produced by Lamborghini in the years 1972-1976. Model was designed by Bertone and introduced in 1972 in Geneva. Next successor Jaramy 400 GT.

Lamborghini Jarama 400 GT, anyway Can be a really good car, sell up a a sparsely, so the Lamborghini has decided wypu you -tuned for the version. Presented j 2 years after the start of production of the first version, ie 1972. Chassis and suspension up does not change y The appearance of a body were performed cosmetic fixes. Will appear on the hood up wide, shallow flat air intake. In addition, cut it behind the front wheel arches volts. Changed configuration windscreen windows, and new bumpers. Adapted well wheels Espada 400 GTE. After allowing distinctive headlights. The interior was of a completely reengineered. Redesigned whole desk Resolution. SKINS allowed only on the seats and door boczkach. Rasht surface covered with a dark, suede cloth background. Most of the wooden pieces replace vertical counterparts from brushed aluminum. Fitted better air conditioning and new buttons on the dashboard. Changed so small the front seats, thanks which Passengers in the rear gained more legroom. For the construction of the interior of Rye l Lighter material for what resulted For weight reduction of 80kg. The Jarama GTS features a new, more sporty arrangment exhaust and modified arrangement of the intake. Thanks him power output rose to 269 kW (365hp). Jarama GTS is the first Lamborghini that you can be about to buy with automatic box gear. Be and she metalw Chrysler and wearing a name Torqueflite. In spite of such convenience solve a sold only 10 GTS with automatic. The remains of an 140 units outfitted it in a 5-pin. box manual ZF. By having trouble company’s financial produced only 150 units of this model.

Bob is Jarama Jarama 400 GTS converted by Bob Wallace – creator Lamborghini Miura Jota and Urraco Rallye. Auto subjected to complex processing, covering the almost all items. In order to reduce vehicle weight, Bob Wallace replace with most of the steel body panels with aluminum counterparts, windows were made of plexiglass, and headlights built wander in downward and get rid of s up flaps. To perfectly balanced angry auto motor area Hike to the rear Change of up so that once Imposing fuel tank and battery. The result is a perfect distribution arrangement weight: 50% for you and the same on the front. The vehicle has crate safety. Bob Wallace at modifying the car does not skip motor. Used new branch of Weber speakers, which power rose to 280 kW (380hp). Requires For a reconstruction of the system boy cov lying. Bob so small applications much larger brake discs and racing Koni shock absorbers. Speed Maximum Jaramy Bob is with 270km/h From the view of the angle of the financial trouble the car was sold to Saudi Arabia. Light forgotten of the Jarama Bob until you can find her wreck in 1999. Auto pulling a it to the UK, where they have been successfully its reconstruction.