• Lamborghini Jalpa

Lamborghini Jalpa car produced by the osk companies Lamborghini in 1981-1988. Model Jalpa is evolution produced early in the Silhouette to car successful, sold 419 units. Jalpa had to more car access, the reach of intersection of a dull man, this Szym Countach model, models such defective head Lamborghini offer. Instead of the V12 engine known from other models of Lamborghini applied transversely mounted V8 engine with a capacity of 3.5 liters developing those holding a power 255 hp. Speed the maximum is 246km/h The car has weighed 1507kg. Body was constructed and designed by Bertone.

Jalpa name comes from the famous breed of fighting bull. Ferrucio Lamborghini vows up bullfights that equally zodiacal bull, because most of the Lamborghini model names comes from the fighting bull.

Compared with the Countach, Jalpa much more easily up leads, is characterized by better visibility, you of the interior of the vehicle more easily j be quiet the large traffic and at low speed bands. At night bother scattered in the interior reflections a

Originally Plastic body parts (bumpers, air intakes) were black, car accessories Sent as the rectangular rear lamps with model silhouette. However, small start in 1984 Paint it plastic part of the body color and started this by mount round tail lamps that.

In 1988, after the price drop, new to The Owner company of Chrysler decided by the end of production of the Jalpa.