• Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo Model of a sports car produced by the osk companies Automobili Lamborghini SpA in the years 1990-2001. Through the whole production period are sold only 2,903 copies. Diablo in 1990 to nominated titles em fastest car of the world, achieve an a 325km/h Answer this title largest kszemu rival Lamborghini – Ferrari F40 and leasing small this title the 1990-1991 year, the curiosity is small the marketing background improve record only about 1km/h In 1991, the super sports Bugatti EB110 answer him the title significantly raising the bar in the category of speed maximum for this type of cars.

The company Lamborghini introduced, and the model Diablo replace older aftermath of appearing a Countach model. Auto to hit on the sale on Jan. 21, 1990 year. Its price is £ 240 and then $ 000. Czterdziestoo Miozaworowy engine with a capacity of 5.7 liters you generate power of 492 hp (367 kW) and torque amount months 580 Nm. Wandered through this vehicle rozp spends up to 100km/h in 4 seconds and its speed the maximum is 325km/h

After three years of production of the base model, the Diablo, Lamborghini company has decided to introduce a for the manufacture of a newer version this vehicle. Compared with the first generation Diablo model, added a drive on all-wheel drive, 4-t ring Brembo brakes from fresh it version dashboard and a new suspension system correct it months tough characteristics. The car still ABS system is not installed.

Lighter (by almost 125kg), a sportier version of the SE30 was released to the market in a limited edition (150 cars) to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Lamborghini. Version SE30 axis Branch and 525HP. In 1995, introduced even more powerful version SE30 Jota. Stands up a It two air intakes on the roof, improved chip and a 6-Gears, synchronized box gear. The engine generate and power 595 hp. Mounted much larger brake discs, but still without the system ABS and traction control.

Similar to the VT, so here changes to boulder mostly cosmetic. Minimally changed the shape of the body, installed new wheels and much larger brakes. Motor slightly strengthened offered It now 510HP. Abandoned a drive on four wheels, modified SV ride in the cockpit VT version. Interestingly, the 1999 version of the SV received a lamp, which already up do not hide, lamps prevent yczono of Nissan 300ZX.

Limited edition. Has background redesigned V12 engine with a capacity of 6.0 liters and these power 575 hp (423 kW). Pair Kszono brakes, applied better, stronger suspension. Introduced as a number of mechanical changes. Auto was characterized was spread agresywniejszymi shapes and wider tires compared to the Diablo SV. It was created only 83 s of art, officially all have been sold in Europe. The composition of the GT model comes S strongest and rarest versions. GT1 produced only one play, when not be many folds such a way that a vehicle outside a race of arrangement of exhaust, more civilized GT2 equally sold in 1 copy. Version GTR be the most civilized version GT family 1/GT2.