• Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini Countach LP400 model of a super sports car produced by the osk companies Automobili Lamborghini SpA in the years 1974-1990.

Introduced in 1971, the Countach LP5000 was selected for the next pc Miura, but the car has not been to the sale because of technical problems. The most serious Important one to be having overheat motor. Modifying the layout boy cov lying did not give a, because these abandoned 5-liter engine in favor of a smaller capacity of more 3.9-liter Miura. But had the engine on problems with overheating up, so I say kszono existing trades air intakes, and new door.

The resulting small two prototypes. First, the red will go the Lamborghini test driver. The second green was presented in Geneva in 1973, and is considered the first production copy of the model. Currently, the car is located the Lamborghini Museum. Sales Countach LP400 has started to up April 11, 1974.

In contrast to the LP5000, LP400 is based on a steel space frame, welded tubes with a diameter of 4 cm. The body is about 13 cm d Smiling six and performed them in a whole Those of aluminum, making a car has weighed just 1065kg. Countach equipment located to in lifted light, fitted cloches direction and lights position. The back of the chamber engine found a up luggage Score for media storage 240 l interior to be having a very simple, but made in the skin. Engine LP400 is a well known 3.9-liter, ga speakers drive unit Your dancing practically all Lamborghini since 1966. Introduced a lot of changes, so you power up was a 276 kW (375hp). To obtain appropriate traction applied design different with limited slipping. LP400 reaches a speed max. 316km/h making it the fastest serial Countach. However, keeping leaves Much for your wishes for things the narrow and tall tires. Auto laugh about equally other disadvantages: it has of space in the cabin, hard at working out steering, transmission, clutches background, noise and odor of gasoline in the cabin, but such shortcomings be s what normal in superautach of the time.

Countach LP400 is considered the best sports cars of the time, however, will not affect the flow down on to the changes financial situation of the company. In the introduction of car sales, Ferruccio Lamborghini sold his factories, and in 1978, the company announce a and bankruptcy. It was created with only 150 units of this car, today it is a rarity for collectors.

Worthy of special attention is almost unknown to the companies that produce individual order, yet in 1999 a limited edition (two pieces) version of the Countach Bart created specifically for affluent Lamborghini fans from Belgium and France.

Bart Countach name comes from the name of the Belgian stylist (the origin of the Pole), which negotiate a Lamborghini conditions of sale in the history of the last two copies of the car. Lamborghini Countach currently view Bart enjoys the eyes of inhabitants of Brussels and Cannes.