• Lamborghini 350 GT

Lamborghini 350 GT the first production car Lamborghini issued in 1964 at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

Introduced in 1963, the model 350 GTV raise considerable interest in the audience during the turn of a female car show. But that it is only a prototype, which had cause, to about the company Lamborghini started If he says Ferrari bored rich people. And so up standing o The late year after the presentation of 350 GTV Lamborghini Automobili company presented with your second car, which in contrast to its predecessor designed for mass production. 350 GT had his Prime Minister when Love International Geneva Motor Show 1964. Uses the car engine and considerable part Chassis 350 GTV, while the body is designed from scratch. Lamborghini disposal of fixed assets in those years For shoddy production capacity, because these Body build and structure a football commissioned outside trznym companies.

The car is based on a steel frame, almost identical to the framework 350 GTV. The only different is the difference elongated ones of 10 cm wheelbase. For body 350 GT is responsible Carrozzeria Touring and the company of Milan. Her boss Bianchi Anderloni to inventor technology Superleggera (in. superlight), which as its name says, allows enables background building light and very rigid car body. T technology used in the described Lamborghini. Body composable with up with cobwebs welded together aluminum tubes, which intimately adjacent welded plate lettuce as paper thin aluminum sheet. Measuring months just over 4.5 meters long Those and containing a V12 engine car has weighed Only a little more than tons

Body 350 GT presents itself somewhat calmer than 350 GTV and more elegant. All the sharp lines of paragraph fist s place rounded subcontinent’s main shape volume, got rid of a zb saving chrome embellishments and unusual open light replace more conventional vertical. In its place left over spoked wheels and chrome bumpers. The interior can be credited the league of those years; is spacious and finished with sea skin. The individual units can be a traced trim of wood or aluminum. Fanned copies of the 350 GT housed a small 3 person. On the back, the middle of the space has been created on the seat for a passenger. In late in the models replace it vertical shelf on bags travel half, anyway, whatever size version of luggage Score offered 240 l of storage.

During the production of the car slightly evolved. Changed include bumpers and grill, and a few minor details. In the early-threaded copies bull logo was located up on white-red background, which later changed to black, and so the remains of the day. To drive Du 350 GT V12 engine used in the project Giotto Bizzarriniego that early it worked under the hood 350 GTV. In relation to the prototype power was and lowered it to 206 kW (280hp), which will improve For viability units. To the motor will fit up the low running over c mask ga used speakers mounted on the sides of the block, in addition Engineers resigned from the use of dry sump for the traditional wet. To transfer a nap Du serve s 5-speed ZF and called. “Rummage”.

350 GT was produced in 135 copies. At its base was formed very successful, 4-bedded model 400 GT 2 +2, while the V12 engine after slight nap przerĂłbkach spends Lamborghini cars by next pnych a dozen years. Current prices collectible copies of 350 GT reaching for 100 thousands of dollars.