• Infiniti Q50

Infiniti Q50 – middle-class car brand Infiniti produced since 2013. The car was presented at the beginning of 2013 during the fair in Detroit as a successor to the G, and the first model of cultivating new rules for naming Infiniti with the letter Q.

In creating the vehicle part took Formula 1 driver – Sebastian Vettel.

For the first time in the series-production vehicle was used to drive an adaptive system (DAS) on a drive-by-wire. The advantage of the DAS is to adjust resistance and steering wheel gear to the driver’s personal preferences and the type of surface. An integral element of the DAS is an innovative active assistant track (Active Lane Control), which replaces helps the driver in steering adjustments needed to keep the car on the chosen lane while driving highway.

Polish car to hit showrooms in December 2013. The new model will replace the withdrawn the offer Infiniti G37. Q50 is sold in Poland in hybrid version (petrol 3.5 V6 306hp + 68hp electric motor, the hybrid system total power 364hp) and diesel (2.2 turbodiesel R4 170hp), it is expected version of the 3.7 V6 petrol engine 333hp (328 BHP), which is available in North America. The manufacturer of diesel engine mounted in Q50 Mercedes is a German company.

In 2014, was introduced with version 2.0 engine turbobenzynowym R4 214 HP, which is also a producer of the German company Mercedes.

The standard equipment of the vehicle can be found, inter alia, Active Steering with variable strength of support, the LEDs used in the rear lights, fog headlights and turn signals integrated with heated exterior mirrors, as well as highlighting thresholds, self-healing paintwork and lane guidance. In the interior of the vehicle two touch screens or touch operated by gestures in the console central (navigation screen requires surcharge), sześciogłośnikowy audio system, Bluetooth, voice control system, dual-zone air conditioning, cruise control, speed limiter, start-stop system and Hill Start Assist, vehicle dynamics control system (active control track, ESP warning system and monitoring of the change in tire pressure and brake assist), heated seats, 6 airbags. The car recognizes up to 4 different keys and memorizes the 96 options for each of the drivers.

Packages :

Hybrid version consists of a 3.5 V6 petrol engine producing 306hp and an electric motor of 50 kW producing 68hp. The net power of the whole hybrid system is 364hp.