• Infiniti M30/M35/M45

Currently offered in M35 and M45 versions, the M line is the Infiniti weapon to compete with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes Benz E Class

The original 1990 ‘Infiniti M30’ was the offering of Nissan Infiniti brand, and was only sold as a coupe. It featured a Template: Autohp 3.0 L V6 shared, together with its rear wheel drive platform, in 1987 the Japanese Nissan Leopard. A convertible was added for 1991, the M30 and was replaced after 1992 by the most visually provocative Infiniti J30. Infiniti would not produce another coupe until the release of the Infiniti G35 coupe in 2003. To this day, she remains the only Infiniti convertible ever produced.

The M45 was based on 2003 Nissan Cedric Y34-Gloria/Nissan series, similar to the style of Glory, and replaced as I30/I35 Infiniti’s mid-size car. The engine is Nissan ((Autohp | 340 | 0)) VK45DE V8 which produces Template: Auto ft.lbf torque.

Infiniti released a completely redesigned M for the 2006 model year to compete directly in the mid-size sport luxury class, against such class stalwarts as the BMW 5-Series and Mercedes-Benz E – Class. It uses a much more rigid version of the Nissan FM platform G35/350Z/FX and is available with the common VQ-series 280hp (208 kW) 3.5 L V6 in the ‘M35’ ‘field, or the Q45’s 335hp (249 kW) 4.5 L V8 in the ‘M45. In Japan M is known as the Nissan Fuga.

The automotive press has awarded the M several best-in-class awards in direct comparisons against its competitors. Despite entering a very crowded stage, competitive segment in which almost all members, was recently redesigned, the M still managed to find many key distinctions: Both the M35 and M45 are fastest in their class (0-60 in 6.3 and 5.4 seconds, respectively). OM is at or near the top of all interior dimensions actually breaking into the EPA "large" category depending on which option packages are selected. In fact, while overseas to be smaller than the flagship Q45, the M45 offers more room, greater performance, a superior multilink front suspension, and much friendlier ergonomics, threatening the position of the flagship Q45 (which ceased production after the year Model 2006 and as such, the M has become the current flag itself).

All-wheel-drive models are called ‘M35x’, which uses a sports car derived system (ATTESA-ETS) to send all power to the rear wheels until slip is detected.

The M line was released in February 2005 (almost exactly the same time that the new 2006 Lexus GS) and its first several months of sales have been far beyond expectations. Prices in the U.S. (dollars) range from approximately $ 40000-55000.

For the 2008 model year, are considered minor changes. The M45 gets all wheel drive optional (M45x), and to see all the new models front and rear facias panels.

By 2011, it is expected that the release all new Infiniti M, the M37 (3.7 liters 24 valve V-6, 330hp) and M50 (5.0 liters 32 valve V-8, ((Autohp | 390 | 0)), ((Auto ftlbf | 369 | 0)) binary). OM is expected to have a narrower conception that the new G35 Sedan and G37 Coupe.