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Hyundai Accent – popular, who place themselves between segments B and C, the model of Korean Hyundai Group.

Start of production of Accent falls on the year 1994, when it replaced the Pony model. He appeared in four body styles.

In the U.S. and Western Europe, this car received the opinion of cheap and durable vehicle; Poland is still very popular.

In France, this model is the old name Pony, and Belgium and the Netherlands as the Hyundai Excel. In the U.S. and Mexico is offered as a Dodge Atitiude.

In 1999, he debuted his successor, remained the same drive units, only 1.5 diesel was introduced. The range of cars included as previously hatchback 3 – and 5-door and sedan. Later, in 2003, was introduced petrol engine 1.6.

In 2006 was introduced the new model, new engines and appearance. Opted out of 5 – door hatchback, leaving only 3-door and sedan. Design and fitting materials has been corrected. Design departed from the eastern design. The car has gained a few inches width, height and length.

In 2010, the complete "czono ™ production of third-generation model was introduced IV – much more attractive… in terms of style ™ dem.

Production Hyundai Accent first generation was launched in 1994. Auto is the successor model of Excel. Accent is a sedan, hatchback and coupé. The car was sold with five petrol engines – 1.3 with power 60 and 75hp, 1.5, which had powers of 91 and 99hp and designed to a coupé 105-hp engine with a capacity of 1.6. The car did not occur with a diesel engine. In autumn 1997, the small facelift which was based solely on the placement of the brand logo in the radiator grille; since then has expanded the list of equipment (eg airbag became a serial element, but the electric windows were available for an additional charge).

Based on the model and generation Accent, Hyundai has released version used in the WRC World Rally Championship 2000-2003 by a team of Hyundai World Rally Team.

Hyundai Accent II was produced by the Korean company Hyundai in the years 1999-2005. Auto occurred as the 3 – and 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan.

Hyundai Accent II przed faceliftingiem (przód)

Hyundai Accent II po faceliftingu (przód)

Hyundai Accent II przed faceliftingiem (tył)

Hyundai Accent II po faceliftingu (tył)

Hyundai Accent III was produced by the Korean company Hyundai in the years 2005-2011. Auto occurred as a 3-door hatchback and 4-door sedan. Third-generation Accent has performed with only three engines – 1.4/90hp, 1.6/112hp and 1.5hp CRDi/110.

Hyundai Accent is produced since 2011 by the Korean company Hyundai. Auto segment lies between B and C is larger than the car model i20 but less than i30. Accent is with three drive units. There are two petrol engines 1.4 and 1.6 successively with power 108 and 140hp and 128-hp turbodiesel 1.6. Auto is not yet available in Europe, with the exception of Ukraine and Russia, where it is sold as Hyundai Solaris.