• Hyundai Veracruz

Hyundai ix55 – car SUV Hyundai Motor Company. Sold since 2006 in North America under the name Hyundai Veracruz. Technically, based on the extended and developed floorpan model Santa Fe. Compared with the previous model Hyundai Terracan it constructs were deprived of the frame and the regulator, and the drive is transmitted to the front axle (rear appended automatically).

Model ix55 replaces the 2006 Hyundai Terracana. The car originally sold under the name Hyundai Veracruz in North America and Korea. The European variant debuted at the Paris Motor Show 2008 under the name Hyundai ix55. Its sales began in 2009. Hyundai ix55 in the European market is only offered with a diesel engine 3.0 V6 with 240hp. Model ranks above model Santa Fe.