• Hyundai Porter

Mark Porter (Hamilton (New Zealand), October 2, 1974 – Sydney, October 8, 2006) was an Australian racing driver from New Zealand origin.

Porter was driving in the Fujitsu V8 ​​Supercar touring car racing series in Australia. His debut with the V8 Supercar series he made in 2002. During the series of 2006, he came out for the race team of Hyundai Hydraulink and he stood with his VZ Holden Commodore in third place.

On 6 October of that year during a supported race competition for the Bathurst 1000 race in the eponymous Australian site Bathurst he lost at a speed of nearly 200km/h the vehicle control, which he came to a halt in the middle of the trail. This could include the effect of the driver’s side of his car was hit by another driver and he was seriously injured. Mark Porter was taken to a hospital and then by air transferred to a hospital in Sydney, where he died two days later at the age of just 32 years old.