• Hyundai Grandeur

Hyundai Grandeur – car produced since 1986 by Hyundai. He always appeared as a 4-door sedan. The first two generations are based on the Mitsubishi Debonair, another three are developed jointly with the Kia.

Hyundai Grandeur sedan L is upper-medium class brand Hyundai. The car was produced in 1986 to 1992. Grandeur was made based on the Mitsubishi Debonair second generation. Auto can be compared not only with Japanese and Korean car manufacturers, but also from Europe.

Grandeur performed with three petrol engines – 2.0 with 120hp, 2.4 Featuring the power of 130hp and a powerful 3-liter 164-hp engine.

Like its predecessor, the Hyundai Grandeur LX is based on the Mitsubishi Debonair. With this, the third, but not the second generation. The first copies Grandeurów second generation rolled off the assembly line in 1992. Auto occurred with four petrol engines, which dysponowaÅ‚y higher power than its predecessor. The weakest unit was a 2-liter engine with 146hp, a powerful 3-liter 225hp power at its disposal. All units can be coupled with a 4-speed automatic transmission or 5-speed manual. Production was completed in 1998.

Production Hyundai Grandeur XG was started in 1998. Auto occurred as a 4-door saloon upper-medium class. Grandeur III could be fitted with a medium strong as her class engines with outputs from 137 to 196hp – for example, Mercedes E (W210) could be equipped with even 381-hp. The production of the car was completed in 2005.

Hyundai Grandeur TG was produced since 2005 by the South Korean carmaker Hyundai. The car belonged to cars segment E, and performed as a 4-door sedan. The fourth-generation Grandeur model could be equipped not only in petrol engines, but also diesel. Gasoline engines have a capacity of 164 to 264hp and 155hp diesel. The production was completed in 2011.

Hyundai Grandeur HG is produced since 2011 as a 4-door saloon. Auto is the sister model Kia Cadenza. Grandeur is of two petrol engines – 2.4 power of 201hp and a 6-cylinder engine of a capacity of 3-liters of who holds the power of 270hp.