• Hyundai Equus

Hyundai Equus (Korean: 현대 에쿠스), known in the Middle East as the Hyundai Centennial. It is a high class luxury car and the flagship of Hyundai Motor Company. The biggest and most expensive car brand. Now produced a second generation model.

Hyundai Equus is a car built by Hyundai cooperation with Mitsubishi. It has to compete with Mercedes and BMW. In 2003, the car undergoes a facelift.

Hyundai Equus II debuted in March 2009. In contrast to its predecessor, has a rear-wheel drive, larger dimensions and new engines. It is based on a new platform and fully developed by the company Hyundai. The car fitted with modern safety systems include the world’s first lane departure warning car movements. The car mounted 9 airbags, stability control system, electronic parking brake, electronic active head restraints, intelligent cruise control, belt tensioning system. Armored, the most luxurious and optimized version of the car used by the President of South Korea.