• Hyundai Accent

The Hyundai Accent is a car produced in four generations by the South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor since 1995. It is manufactured in South Korea, India, Pakistan and Turkey.

Marketed in France since the end of 1992, the Pony Type X2 (Excel Korea) gives way to the fourth generation (X3) in September 1994. If the name of Pony remains in France, it is called Accent on other markets. Its engines are home design (Alpha) and therefore are no longer provided by the partner from the beginning, Mitsubishi. Pony comes in three body types (3, 4 and 5 doors), an engine (1.3 liter SOHC-12V-84 horses) and a transmission (5-speed manual box). At launch on the French market, the range consists of:

– S 1.3 (3/5 doors)

– 1.3 LS (3/4/5 door)

– GS 1.3 (3 doors)

– 1.3 GLS (4/5 doors)

– GX 1.3 (3 doors)

– GLX 1.3 (5 doors)

Side finishes, staffing ranges as follows:

– S

– LS: same S + power steering, adjustable steering wheel and rear wiper (excluding 4 doors)

– GS: Same LS + file split

– GLS/GX: Same GS + electric front windows and central locking

– GLX: Same GLS/GX + air conditioning with manual control and K7 radio with 4 HP

The options are:

– Metallic paint (all finishes)

– Pack including electric front windows and central locking (S/LS/GS)

– Driver Airbag (GX/GLS 4-Door/GLX)

Pony 4 doors disappears from the catalog in September 1995 while in March 1996 appears SX (3 doors) equipped with the 1.5 liter DOHC-16V-(100hp). The presentation will sport (spoiler, side skirts, alloy wheels 14 inches) and full equipment comparable to the GS/GLS (steering wheel and shift knob leather gear included). It can accept an optional metallic paint, air conditioning as well as combinations driver/or air conditioning Airbag Driver Airbag/ABS. On special order, the GLS can receive an automatic 4-speed, associated exclusively with 1.5-liter SOHC-12v (88hp). Finishes GS and GLS enrich adjustable driver seat with height and lumbar support as well as the tailgate is opened from the inside. The immobilizer is standard from September 1997.

Between January and April 1998, there has been a redefinition of the range. The Pony SX and GLS A (Automatic) disappears catalog late March. Built around a single engine (1.3 liter SOHC-12V-) and two bodies (3 & 5 door), changes are made on the finishes (name and staffing). It is now the:

– S

– If: Same S + power mirrors, central locking (5-door only) and electric front windows

– LSi: If Ditto + power steering, split file, K7 radio, central locking and height adjustable steering wheel

– GLSi: 5 doors only, ditto LSi + Airbag

Options are reduced to the manually operated air conditioning and metallic paint on all versions. As of October 1998, only 3 doors Si/LSi and 5-door Si/LSi Airbag remain until May 1999 Catalogue exhausted stocks-, when the name of Pony disappears to make room for the Accent second generation at the end of the year.

The second generation Accent is marketed in France in November 1999. Like its predecessor, it takes the look "hatchback and a half," in the manner of FORD Escort since 1980, and thus has a tailgate. It is available with two engine (1.3-liter and 1.5 12v) and two bodies (3 and 5 doors). Debut, the French range consists of 1.3-liter 3-door:

Air conditioning is the only option (GL and GL Pack) in addition to the metallic paint.

The third generation Accent was released in 2006. Available in North America and South Korea, it has been imported in some European countries but not in France.

The fourth generation of Hyundai Accent was sold in November 2010 in South Korea. It will be exported from 2011.

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