• Honda Vezel

Honda Vezel – sport utility vehicle of the Japanese brand Honda produced from 2013.

The vehicle debuted for the first time during the motor show in Tokyo in 2013. The car is a production version of ukazanego in the same year living in Detroit Urban SUV Concept model. The vehicle hit showrooms in Japan in December 2013 years. On the European market the car will most likely in 2015 under a new trade name, and the U.S. market in 2014.

The production version in relation to the conceptual been changed headlights and grill. The vehicle is based on the fourth-generation Honda Jazz combining the features of a car, SUV, minivan functionality and elegance coupe.

Under the hood of the vehicle struck a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.5 liters and a hybrid petrol engine (1.5 l) and an electric motor called the Sport Hybrid i-DCD. The car is the first mass-produced hybrid car offered with four-wheel.

Vehicle body refers stylistically to the line of cars SUVs and sedan. It is a dynamic silhouette with boldly drawn line the side of the crease that runs the C-pillar, which indicates the rear door handle. Inside the vehicle used touch screens. The fuel tank as the ninth-generation Honda Civic is placed centrally.

Standard equipment includes vehicle electric parking brake and an automatic brake application Automatic Brake Hold.