• Honda Vamos

The Honda Vamos is the name of two vehicles, the Honda in Japan manufactures (e). From 1970 to 1973 they made a buggy (body shape) of that name since 1999 and carries a minivan based on the Honda Acty this designation.

The first version of the Vamos from 1970 was designed as a recreational vehicle for use off the normal roads. The Vamos based on the Honda TN 360, with whom he shared the engine and chassis and its revisions he mitmachte the same time. Folding soft top and seating arrangement were very variable: two-seater, four-seater and full soft top was offered for the doorless vehicle. For the interior can only be described as spartan. Until the Cessation of production in 1973 were manufactured only 2530 units, the lack of popularity is likely to have been due to a lack of all-wheel drive.

The second version of the Vamos is a practical, multi-use Microvan based on the Acty van. The Vamos is configured more for personal use, while the Acty van for commercial and industrial purposes is aligned. He was released in 1999 as a successor to the Honda Street (Van) on the market.

Accordingly, it has the proven since 1990, improved especially in terms of reduced emissions 0.66-liter underfloor mid-engine and rear wheel drive. On request there is an alternative to the rear-wheel drive Hondas automatically zuschaltenden all-wheel drive. As gear come either 4 – or 5-speed automatic transmission or a 5-speed manual transmission is used. Since 2000, the Vamos could be ordered with the turbo engine known from Z. And since 2003 there was a high-roof version called Vamos Hobio, was offered by, inter alia, a limited edition model Hobio Vamos Travel Dog for families who travel with dogs. The facilities of Vamos Travel Dog Hobio was developed on the basis of recommendations of dog owners. Honda operates namely since 2001 (written in japanese only) website for communication between pet owners about traveling with dogs and cats, for example, via dog-friendly restaurants and hotels, etc. and just about useful devices in the car. At Vamos Travel Dog Hobio led these experiences in addition to the standard numerous special mounting hooks and eyelets on the side walls and in the cargo area to special, easy-to-clean floor mats and door panels and an additional heating for the rear seats.

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