• Honda Today

Today Honda is a small city car segment belongs to Kei car, manufactured and sold in Japan in the years 1985 to 1998.

Honda Today I debuted in 1985. Passed in 1990 auto facelift. It received larger bumpers, and a redesigned front end with elongated headlights (version before facelift headlights were round).

Honda Today II debuted in 1993. In this model, a return to the round headlights known from prior-generation facelift. Armchair heart was bigger than the passenger seat. Opted out of the rear tailgate for a small hatch opening to bottom as in pick-ups, or the currently produced Honda Civic. These changes were dictated by market research, which showed that the Honda Today ride mostly women unaccompanied or greater Storage. To the standard tailgate resumed in 1996, which also forced some modifications within the rear of the car, as the rear window was fixed (as opposed to produced the Honda Civic.)