• Honda Step

Honda Stepwgn – van manufactured by Honda since 1996. Since 2009 he produced the fourth generation model.

Honda Stepwgn I first was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995 as a concept car called the F-MX. Production of the vehicle started 8 May 1996 year.

In 1999, the car passed facelift. Changed include headlights look.

Honda Stepwgn II was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2000. Auto largely based on the first generation.

In 2003, the car went face lifitng. Changed include headlights.

Honda Stepwgn III for the first time has been presented at trade fairs automotive in Tokyo in 2005.

In 2007, the car undergoes facelift. Renovated grill and rear lights.

Equipment versions:

Honda Stepwgn IV was presented for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. Compared to the previous generation vehicle has been completely rebuilt. Increased the length and height of the vehicle.

Equipment versions: