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Honda Inspire – car sedan produced by Honda since 1989. Since 2007 he has produced is the fifth generation of the car. Model is based on the Honda Accord and is sold exclusively in the Japanese market.

Honda Inspire and presented in 1989. This model was the primary competitor to the Toyota Mark II and the Nissan Laurel. Auto built on the floorpan Legend.

Honda Inspire II was produced from 1995. In mid-1996, has undergone minor styling changes.

The third generation of the Honda Inspire was produced in 1998-2003. The vehicle was still available as a 4-door sedan classified in the segment E. In 2001, a facelift was performed.

Honda Inspire IV was presented June 18, 2003 year. The new model is based on the U.S. version of the Honda Accord. In 2005, the car undergoes facelift.

Honda Inspire V was introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. Limousines Under the hood is a 3.5-liter i-VTEC V6 engine with 280hp. Car is equipped with, among others, in a modified cruise control, electronic access to the car navigation InterNavi Premium Club with the function of warning in case of rain or natural disaster, sun blinds and Collision Mitigation system przeciwkolizyjny Brake System. Price of the car in Japan is about 74 thousand. zł. In 2010, the car underwent a facelift.