• Honda S660

Honda S660 – a concept car brand Honda, which premiered at the Tokyo Motor Show in late November 2013. Car is the successor to the Honda S2000 but her "little brother". Auto appeal is to the 60s, when Honda produced models S600 and S800. It is based on a conceptual version in 2011 under the name EV Ster. The vehicle hit a sale probably in 2015.

The vehicle is powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 660 cm3 and 64hp. The production version of the vehicle is to be close to the conceptual. However, she receives a folding roof. Auto to be sold in 2015 exclusively on the domestic market.

The car has an aggressive design of the front air dam, which clearly outlines the radiator grille and headlights interestingly arranged.

The interior of the vehicle has a futuristic racing character. The center console touch screen acting, inter alia, the role of clocks. The center of the vehicle finished carbon fiber.