• Honda S600

Honda S600 – a small room convertible and coupe produced in series in the years 1964 to 1968 by the Japanese company Honda.

Honda S600 Production began in March 1964. It was the first car Honda offered in two versions, as a roadster, showing a strong resemblance to the Honda S500, and as a fastback coupe (hardtop) introduced in March 1965.

The car was powered by a DOHC, 4-cylinder, inline, gasoline, liquid-cooled. Capacity increased to 606 cm ³ in relation to the Honda S500, in which was 492 cm ³. Motor power reached 57hp at 8500 rpm./Min and allowed to spin the car speed of 145km/h Convertible version weighed 715kg, and additional coupé only 15kg more.

Honda S600 was the first "mass offered" by Honda car. The first versions were offered only with steering wheels on the right side. It was only in later versions were available with the steering wheel on the left side, which increased export of the vehicle (a few pre-production S500 produced with the steering wheel on the left side, two or three were shown in some brochures with offers, but the whole production was only S500 steering wheel on the right side). Model S600 in both roadster and coupé versions were available in the basic version and a special designation of additional items SM600 containing equipment such as – special exterior colors, exclusive designation, a special antenna in the passenger visor sunscreen, a better cushion in the seat, under the passenger seat rails in To quickly remove the seat, as well as heating, radio and speakers, reversing lights and lighter.

Production of the Honda S600 was more successful than its progenitor, the Honda S500. The fact is that of three engines produced with the capacity for sports cars, the Honda S600 had the best performance.

Honda built 3,912 roadsters in 1964 and 7261 roadsters and coupes 1519 to 1965. Production ended in 1966 (when the presented model S800) with roadsterami sold 111 and 281 arts coupé, giving a whole at the level of 11 284 units in convertible and 1800 versions of the coupé within three years of sales.