• Honda RA302

Honda RA302 – Formula 1 car built and used by the Honda team in one of the Grand Prix of the season in 1968. Car was built to order Soichiro Honda, who wanted to develop an air-cooled engine in Formula 1 during the French Grand Prix in 1968 raced so two Honda RA301 model water-cooled and RA302, air cooled.

The primary driver of the Honda, world champion in 1964 John Surtees, Honda RA302 refused to conduct during the race at Rouen-Les-Essarts, defining it as dangerous. Model led so the second team driver Jo Schlesser. During the second lap of the race Schlesser crashed in turn Virage des Six Fréres, and the car landed on its side; made of magnesium monocoque and a large amount of fuel (for 58 laps) caused a fire, resulting in which Schlesser was killed, and the model RA302 was completely destroyed.

Built a second, slightly redesigned model RA302, but Surtees again refused to lead. After the 1968 Honda withdrew from Formula 1 as a constructor and returned to it in 2006 with the model RA106.

* Model RA302 not won or point total in the 1968 Honda gained 14 points and took sixth place in the constructors’ championship.

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