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The third generation of the Honda Civic was manufactured from September 1983 to September 1987. It gave him in four body styles: coupe CR-X, three-door hatchback (Hatchback), a four-door notchback and Van Shuttle (a forerunner of today’s vans).

The third generation is without a classic combination, as this role is taken over by small van shuttle. The shuttle had standard front-wheel drive and was available with all-wheel drive. By a push button on the dashboard that could be operated. In 1987, the all-wheel drive system of the shuttle has been changed. Introduced a new real-time four-wheel-drive system with an automatic viscous coupling which automatically force if necessary Rear wheels moved.

The Civic Honda offered initially with 1.3 liter 52 kW (71hp) and the 1.5 liter GL with 62 kW (85hp) at. These were supplemented in 1984 with the 1.2 liter 40 kW (54hp). The top model of its time was the 1.5 liter GT with 74 kW (101hp). From model year 1986, this version was equipped on request with a regulated catalytic converter, after which in the former brochure with a simple subordinate clause in the small print "for the environmentally conscious driver "has been mentioned. The version with a catalyst developed 90hp.

Rear of the Civic three-door

Honda Civic four-door

Honda Civic Shuttle

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