• Honda NSX

Honda NSX (Honda New Sportscar Experimental) – Japanese sports car brand Honda produced in the years 1990-2005 as the first generation, and probably in 2015 as the second generation. The first of this type of car manufactured by Honda. Japanese people after many years of supplying engines to Formula 1 alone decided to create a sporty vehicle with the approved road. The car was given the nickname "Japanese Ferrari".

Honda NSX I – the first sports car brand Honda produced from 1990 to 2005 with the mid-engine. Through its membership in the G autosegmentu and even G+ (because the NSX uses solutions from Formula 1), the car was competitive for m.in Ferrari 348 Work on the vehicle began in 1984, and its official premiere took place in Tokyo in 1989.

The Honda NSX features many revolutionary solutions that today are used in the production of expensive sports cars and limousines. Honda NSX was the first car in the world with a body made completely of aluminum. With light-alloy chassis and also made innovative elements of an independent front and rear suspension. For the first time also applied developed by Honda engine with variable valve timing – VTEC.

Chassis of the car has been designed with the help of one of the largest in the history of Formula 1 drivers – Ayrton Senna, who first took part in the creation of a civil vehicle so that created a guide to the best car in the world while the body line was developed in cooperation with Pininfarina, through which owes m al. glass roofline and rear spoiler integrated into the body parts. Vehicle Dashboard is based on images of fighter F-16. The vehicle has a centrally placed engine just behind the driver, which in the interior has forged pistons and titanium korobowody.

In 1995, the manual transmission added "machine" F-matic, inspired by the technology of Formula 1 racing can be changed in two ways, including the change manually using the buttons on the steering wheel. Since 1997 he was offered a stronger and larger, 280-hp engine with a capacity of 3.2 liters, which is a modification of the existing units. He then introduced a new manual gearbox with six-speed gearbox, which replaces the 5-speed. Depending on Some gear, auto different mechanism was equipped with a limited slip differential. Version before the facelift had a distinctive front end with retractable lamps.

In 2001, the car has undergone a big facelift (a completely new appearance, different size tires). Only at home, the Japanese market was introduced the NSX-R.

Car from beginning to end was assembled and produced largely by hand in Japan in specially created for this model factory, which employed about 250 skilled workers. The annual production of the Honda NSX was about 6 thousand. pieces.

In recent years, the production price of a new car in the Polish living Honda began on the amount of about 620 thousand. zł. It was the most expensive mass-produced Japanese car.

Honda NSX was sold in the U.S. under the created and owned by Honda’s Acura brand. She had reduced power in relation to the European and Japanese versions, reaching about 255hp but identified a better torque.

Over 15 years of production produced about 19,000 units of the vehicle.

Standard equipment included, among others, the vehicle electric windows and electric mirrors, air conditioning, electrically controlled throttle valve and the ABS, electric power steering, central locking, radio, cruise control, leather upholstery, multifunction steering wheel, airbags.

3.0 V6 VTEC 274 KM

3.2 V6 VTEC 280 KM

Honda NSX II – sports car concept, the successor to the NSX-a first generation on which the work lasted from the end of production of the first generation of the car under different names, among others, Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept.

In January 2013, the Detroit Motor debuted an improved version of the NSX-a. Auto looks almost identical. From the first prototype of the car changed gently grill and the headlights turn signals appeared in white lamp shade. For the first time, however, you could look inside the vehicle.

The new car will be equipped with a sporty hybrid system (Small Hybrid SH-AWD), the primary source of power to be centrally positioned motor gasoline V6 with a power of about 400hp and three electric motors that will drive the front and rear axle of the vehicle. The vehicle body is to be made of aluminum.

In 2013, the British division of Honda started taking orders for the new NSX-a. The condition of the contract is a security deposit in the amount of 5,000 pounds. Price of the vehicle shape is at the level of price 911

4 August 2013 year to track the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Lexington, where races are held Honda Indy 200 presented a prototype version of the Honda NSX.

August 18, 2013, Honda unveiled concept version of the NSX GT, which is designed to compete in the Super GT race series. Car is equipped with a supercharged four-cylinder unit assisted electricity. The whole generates about 500hp.

The second generation car was a Gran Turismo 6.