• Honda N-One

Honda N-One – small car class first unveiled in Tokyo in 2011 as N4 Concept, the Japanese answer to the Fiat 500 and the Mini. The concept car is based on the N4 Concept shown in 2009, the EV-N, and above all on the N series from the 60s and 70s – Honda N360/N500. Car is manufactured in Japan since the end of 2012. The vehicle is designed only for native automotive market.

Is powered by a three-cylinder engine capacity of 660cc turbocharged version of the stronger and front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. Car prices fluctuate around 11,000 Euro.

The car is also available as Mugen, which from the serial version is not stronger, and different appearance. A modified version is equipped with a different rear bumper, widened sills, new front bumper with LED lights as an option, and two central tailpipes. Inside the car Mugen version has aluminum pedals, colorful inserts on the dashboard and the rate of turbocharger compressor versions.

Inside the center console of the vehicle replaced the touch screen multimedia.

The standard car is equipped with the VSA system to prevent rolling of the vehicle (electronic brake – HSA), curtain and airbags, automatic air conditioning.

Equipment versions: