• Honda Life

Honda Life I debuted in 1971. Introduced in 1973 version of the pickup. Production ceased in 1974.

Honda Life II debuted back in 1997, after almost 23 years of absence. The production of the car was discontinued in 1998 due to the necessary reconstruction.

Honda Life III debuted in 1998. Car is bigger than its predecessor. In 2001 the model underwent a facelift and introduced a stronger version called Life Dunk. The production was completed in 2003.

Honda Life IV debuted in 2003. Facelift was carried out in 2006. The production of the car was completed in 2008.

In 2008, Honda introduced the fifth generation of the Honda Life. Auto is available in seven trim levels: C, G, PASTEL, turbo PASTEL, DIVA, DIVA turbo, Mugen. In 2010, a facelift was performed.