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The Honda Odyssey is a van, the Honda offers in their own version in North America.

Honda brought the mid-1994 the first built in the U.S. and Asia on Honda Accord-based Honda Odyssey I (RA1/RA3) on the market (in German-speaking countries as a shuttle known). However, soon showed that the car for the Van-drenched Americans too small and too weak motorized. So the Odyssey has been completely redeveloped and adapted specifically for the U.S. market and was offered in this form since the 1999 model year.

The Odyssey with the type code "RL1" is Honda’s largest Van. The Odyssey in the U.S. version is equipped with sliding doors and was offered exclusively in the U.S./Canada and Japan (there as Honda Lagreat). The model was initially built in Alliston, Ontario (Canada) and in 2002 in Lincoln, Alabama.

In September 2004, the U.S. third-generation Odyssey came with the type code "RL3" on the market. In Japan, the Honda Elysion replaced the on the Odyssey II based Lagreat. The Odyssey was based clearly visible on the very successful predecessor, but was in many details improvements, so among other things, an enhanced 3.5-liter V6 engine (J35A6 and J35A7, now with 255hp) with VCM (variable cylinder management; optional) and i-VTEC and an improved Suspension, revised bodywork details and more powerful brakes. The engineers also attached importance to improved noise reduction and comfort. The equipment has been refined. The Odyssey model possessed (except in the LX version) back to electric sliding doors. In addition, depending on the model were Notlaufoption tires, tire pressure sensors, electrically operated tailgate, electric windows that open in the sliding doors, sun blinds, Lighting and parking sensors, electric sunroof and the interior a 60:40 split third-row seats, which continues to be lowered, a 3rd seat (more of a rumble seat) in the second row of seats, various consoles and racks, numerous airbags, 3-zone climate control and a power-adjustable pedals available. The space for the spare wheel was moved back to the rear of the vehicle, for a compartment that was created in the floor in the foot well of the second row. The control of the electric sliding doors has been significantly refined, so they went quieter and easier on and on and responded already with smaller obstacles to stop or rewind. The production of the Odyssey took place from the fall of 2004 at the Honda Manufacturing of Alabama in Lincoln, Alabama (USA) – the predecessor model has been built there since 2002. In this work, were also mounted on two additional production lines nor the Acura MDX and Honda Pilot.

The revised model from 2008 was RL4 the model code.

In February 2010, the new Odyssey was first presented to the world public. Honda remains with the particularly in North America very successful concept of its predecessor. With over 130,000 (in 2008) and 100,000 sold (in 2009) units of the Odyssey III was the most popular and successful minivan in North America. The new one is a little flatter than its predecessor (-2.5 cm), but also wider (+3.5 cm). The engine seems like its predecessor on the To be based 3.5-liter V6 engine that gets (VCM) a further improved cylinder management system. This will be further improved fuel consumption result, the Honda USA with approximately 12.4 l/100km in city driving and 8.4 l/100km over land indicates. Optionally, a 5-speed or 6-speed automatic transmission is available.

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