• Honda Jazz/Fit

The Honda Fit is a Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda, the first version in 2001. Called Jazz in Europe (where it was launched a year later), the Fit retains its original name in the U.S. market.

Released in 2001 in Japan, it took several years before the model was sold worldwide. It appeared in Europe in early 2002 and in Australia in late 2002; it will be sold in China in 2004 and Mexico in 2005.

Honda planning to call this model "fitta" but ultimately used the shorter name "fit" and gave the name "jazz" in other markets. Among other things, this choice is due to the fact that "fitta" means vulva slang several Nordic languages.

This is the first car of a non-Chinese brand exported from China to the Western Europe markets.

The second generation was launched in October 2007 in Japan, at the Tokyo Motor Show. Like its predecessor, it was instantly convinced the Japanese customers. In 2008, the Fit and the third car was the most widespread in Japan, with 175,000 sales, and the first outside keijidosha category.

Of its predecessor, the second generation Fit retains its interior including a folding rear bench seat, where the seat can be lifted (such as theater seats…) to be able to install bulky height. Line, similar to that of its predecessor, is now almost MPV.

In Japan, the Fit is available in manual or automatic transmission CVT drive. In the United States, the CVT is replaced by a conventional automatic converter, while in Europe, the alternative to ordinary manual on Jazz is a single automated manual transmission clutch. Furthermore, only the Japanese market is entitled to four-wheel drive versions. As the end of production of the previous generation models sold in Europe are mainly produced in China in the joint venture Guangzhou Honda, until the end of 2009. Much of the production is destined for Europe in October 2009 produced in Swindon in England, in an unusual move industrial relocation.

New Generations: Hybrid Engine (with engine 1.3 i-VTEC) Power combined 98hp Displacement electric: 18 kW/100 Km consumption

The third generation of the Honda Fit will be launched in September in Japan and later in Europe in 2014. Honda Jazz 2014 hybrid will have a new 1.5-liter petrol engine plus an electric unit for a total of 134hp a torque of 170 Nm and an automatic dual-clutch 7-speed. Honda Fit RS is also planned for Japan.