• Honda Integra

The Honda Integra Type R is a 2 +2- seater sports coupe with front wheel drive Honda, which is often described as a Group N race car street legal.

It was originally intended only for Japan and the U.S. market, and is the third generation of the Integra models. January 1998 introduced the Integra exclusively in the sports version "Type R" in Germany. It was powered by a 1.8-liter naturally aspirated engine with VTEC valve control developed by Honda and a peak output of 190hp (power to weight ratio 6.32kg /hp, liter capacity 106hp) and 178 Nm of torque at 7300 min-1. The power is transmitted via a 5-speed transmission and a 25-percent, torque-sensing Torsen limited-slip differential to the front wheels. This speeds up the 1200kg empty weight relative ease sport coupe in 6.7 seconds to 100km/h and reaches a top speed of 234km/h The average consumption was estimated at around 8.8 liters per 100km.

In contrast to the integration versions not offered in Germany the Type R had an aerodynamic package consisting of front and rear spoilers, with the buoyancy was reduced by about 30%. In addition to a sportier suspension tuning with progressive springs on the rear axle and thicker sway bars front and rear axle, he also had special rubber bushings in the front lower control arms that the to stabilize the braking and steering behavior Front wheels to toe-out more in these driving conditions helped. Furthermore, the body of the stiffness at various critical locations, such as the wheel housings, the rear wheel houses and the roof between the C-pillar has been strengthened by the addition of sheets. Thus the increased mass was counteracted by weight reduction measures. The span of the rear wheel bearing was elevated to the rear axle for more stability against unwanted camber changes give.

Although the Japanese model of the Integra was offered from 98spec model with larger 16 "alloy wheels and 215/45 ZR16 tires, the new bolt pattern 5×114, 3 and the associated increase in the brake system were adopted for the European model though, but the original rims – and tire size (15 ", 195/55 R15) maintained. Also, the built-in 98spec in Japan 4-1 stainless steel high was not included in the model for the European market, the Gear ratio with the longer 4th and 5th gear, and a shorter final drive ratio does. This exhaust manifold helped the Japanese model to a different torque curve with the maximum at lower rpm (186 Nm at 6200 min-1 instead of 178 Nm at 7300 min-1), due to the now lower engine speed after the shift from 3rd to 4. transition.

The base price was last 47,580 DM; January 2001 the last copies were sold in Germany. The production was in October 2001 completed. The marketed in Japan, Australia, Hong Kong and North America next generation Integra (in the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong as Acura RSX), was no longer offered in Central Europe.

In addition to not offered in Germany predecessor and successor models, there were also different motorized and equipped models of the third-generation Integra. In North America, there were the versions LS and GS with engine outputs of 140hp, as well as the sportier version GS-R with 170hp. In these versions of the Integra was also to get a 4-door sedan, a four-door Type-R, there was, however, only on the Japanese market (model name DB8). In North America, the Integra was sold under the brand name ‘Acura’.

In Japan the Integra Type R was offered in several versions, with the model year "98spec" the biggest technical changes compared to the first published "96spec" were introduced in later model enhancements were the changes of a more cosmetic nature. These two model versions differ from one another by several moderate technical changes (eg 16 "rims with bolt pattern 5 x 114.3 when 98spec, 15" rims with PCD 4 x 114.3 when 96spec, different gear ratios, on the other exhaust manifold, larger throttle body with polished intake and exhaust ports).

The largest differences in the Japanese versions to the European model are a different front end and a different but similar engine (B18C with 147 kW/200hp) with only about half as long catalyst, other manifold with 65mm outlet (spec.96/4- 2-1 Same shape as EU model but 65mm instead of 40mm outlet, spec.98/4-1 is a manifold made of stainless steel). and other camshafts. The empty weight of 98spec is given as 1080kg.

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