• Honda HR-V

Honda HRV (called Hybrid Recreation Vehicle – Multipurpose Car Travel) – a small crossover (SUV) of the Japanese brand Honda produced from 1999 to 2006. We are currently working on a second generation of the vehicle.

Honda HR-V and its construction was based on the twin model CR-V, and stylizacyjnie on Civicu VI generation. Production version was preceded by a concept called J-WJ presented in Tokyo in 1997. Auto has a dynamic, lightweight silhouette. In 2001, the car undergoes a facelift. Changed the radiator grille, bumpers, upholstery. Throughout the period of production resulting in versions m.in: the Australian market, New Zealand, Japanese and Filipino.

The car can be considered the progenitor of crossovers. Conceptual version of the car was established in 1997.


Equipment versions:

Honda HR-V has been designed as if they never existed first generation car. The vehicle was first unveiled at the Auto Show in New York in 2014. It is a modernized version of the Honda Vezel available in the Japanese market, which was released during the Tokyo Motor Show in December of 2013 years..

Vehicle body refers stylistically to the line of cars SUVs and sedan. It is a dynamic silhouette with boldly drawn line the side of the crease that runs the C-pillar, which indicates the rear door handle. Inside the vehicle used touch screens. The fuel tank as the ninth-generation Honda Civic is placed centrally.