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The Honda City is a subcompact car by the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. Originally the car was introduced in 1981 in the Japanese market, now it is offered in various countries. In Japan, the current version now bears the name Honda Fit Aria, and is supplemented by the Honda Fit.

The Honda City was first produced in 1981 as a three-door hatchback model and was offered at that time exclusively to the Japanese market. This was followed by a convertible and two turbo versions of the City in the first generation. Only the normal hatchback version was offered from 1984 to 1986 in Europe as Honda Jazz.

At the Tokyo Motor Show 1981, the City was presented as a space saver, as you could accommodate a mini-motorcycle (Motocompo) in the trunk. He was then referred to under its creators as "Tall Boy". Due to the economical consumption and the large space of the Honda City quickly became a great success and enjoyed great popularity in the Japanese population.

Technically, the engines were very advanced at that time. In the turbo version a 1.2-liter engine was used with a turbocharger, which it means PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection, to German: sequential electronic fuel injection) brought to 100hp. An additional charge air cooling made it to 110hp for the Turbo II

The Honda City 2nd Generation is equipped with a new engine and visually changed in many aspects. The front end was the then striking Honda face adapted (see also Honda Civic G3 & G4), as well as the means of transport was a lot of height.

In this series we did without turbo and convertible versions, but the city was founded in 1989 with a larger and more powerful engine and built in this version until 1990.

A third-generation Honda City was not first appear until came a new Honda model on the market in 1996 in Thailand. This derived from the Honda Civic 4-door sedan was priced according to the motto, built without being cheap. The name City was chosen as the target group, the typical urban family was chosen in this region. Since this model showed great success in the Asia-Pacific region in 1997 with new variants were different motorization offered.

The fourth generation of Honda City is characterized by numerous changes compared to the previous model. So the vehicle was a total missed softer lines and additionally made visual changes on the front and rear end. In addition to the usual engine of Honda City 1999 was the first time available as VTEC.

In November 2002, a fifth-generation Honda City was launched, which was sold only in the non-Japanese, Asian and Eastern European space as a Honda City. In Japan, this new Honda was offered as the Honda Fit Aria.

Early 2011, a cheap version to appear in China as Everus S1. This is the very first model of a specially devised for the Chinese brand of a non-Chinese manufacturer. Will be built the car as well as its predecessor at the Guangzhou Automobile Group in joint venture Guangqi Honda Automobile Company.

In September 2008, the sixth-generation Honda City was unveiled in Thailand. In the four-door Stufenhecklimousuine is a completely new development, which is equipped with a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine. Alternatively, the vehicle can be ordered at least in Thailand with natural gas.

The sale of the model will remain for now limited to Eastern European and Asian markets.

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