• Honda FCX Clarity

Honda FCX Clarity – the middle class car powered by hydrogen produced since 2008 in Japan by Honda in almost unchanged concept car Honda FCX Concept, and available only in the United States in California and Japan (14 copies) and Europe (2 copies) on a three-year lease agreement for a monthly fee of about $ 600 including maintenance and roadside assistance.

Honda FCX Clarity is powered by a fuel cell with hydrogen. Hydrogen vehicle refueling takes place on a specially adapted hydrogen stations. Hydrogen is burned with oxygen in a fuel cell (chemical engine) converts chemical energy into electrical supply the electric motor of 136hp and a torque of 256 Nm, which results in the combustion is water vapor. Electricity is stored in a 288V lithium-ion battery. Auto accelerates to 160km/h Reach the car is about 430km. The car has no gearbox. Car jump start thanks to the system, you can also fire off at minus thirty degrees Celsius.

Stylistically auto refers to as a concept vehicle presented in 2006. Futuristic design starts with a low silhouette and short front LED headlights, which smoothly passes into the windshield, and ends at a high enough with side ribbed body converging toward the center, and additional vertical fast between the rear lights.

Honda FCX Clarity has a wealth of facilities especially in the field of security. Throughout the hydrogen car has sensors to warn of a possible leak. In the event of a spill, and ventilation system turns off the shut-off valves hydrogen. In case of accident, the system automatically shuts off the flow of hydrogen and electricity. Honda also took care of safety during refueling of hydrogen.

The car fitted as standard with six airbags, collision avoidance system (CMBS), stability control (VSA), ABS and an electronic brake distribution (EBD) as well as electric windows and mirrors, air conditioning, start-stop button, multifunction steering wheel. As an option you can find heated and cooled seats, satellite and navigation system Honda (Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System) with voice recognition, intelligent mirror internal ™ trznym of searching nearest hydrogen station, availability ™ and be available for the U.S., and the center console CD radio equipped with a USB port and Bluetooth.