• Honda Element

Honda Element – Honda crossover brand produced in the years 2003 – 2011. Introduced for export to the U.S., Japan and Canada as competition for compact SUVs and tall hatchback.

The car is based on the concept of Model X was designed in 1998. Its essence was to combine the best features of pick-ups and SUVs. Model X has developed a group of young engineers who want to be able to have one car "suitable" and for trips such as the mountains or on the beach, and to meetings or college.

Some solutions element shared with the CR-V models (including the platform floor) and Accord.

The 2007 model year was introduced to offer a variety Element SC (Street Cruiser), which had better equipment and revised exterior styling of the bodywork. In 2009, the model has undergone a small facelift. In addition to Russia, where he appeared occasionally element was not available in Europe.