• Honda CR-Z

Honda CR-Z – compact hybrid passenger car with a coupe body © manufactured by Honda since 2010.

When Mia ™ International Motor Show Tokyo Motor Show in 2007 presented a conceptual model of small ego sports car in drive wyposaĹĽonego ™ d hybrid called the Honda CR-Z Hybrid Sports Concept. The official release version of the conceptual Mia ™ made during the International Motor Show in Geneva in 2008. In 2009, living in Tokyo presented a second, modernized concept called the Honda CR-Z Concept 2009.

When a car dealership in Detroit at the start… early 2010 years presented a variation ™ PRODUCTION… vehicle. Version for the European market debuted in 2010 when living in Geneva.

Auto nominated for Car of the Year competition in 2011. Honda CR-Z was the winner of the Japanese edition of the Car of the Year 2010-2011. She also received titles such as: Green Car of the Year Top Gear.

In 2012, the car undergoes a gentle facelift.

3-door body Honda CR-Z coupé characterized by dynamic lines. Auto styling refers to the model of the Honda CR-X. Variety intended for European markets was equipped with eight LEDs serving as daytime running lights, which are mounted headlamps sheltered in their lower parts. In the version offered in Canada and the United States instead of the rear row of seats placed on open storage objects pop.

The dashboard serial version builds on study projects, is equipped with a set of three-dimensional indicators of variable color illumination with a centrally located digital speedometer. Backlight color depends on the choice of three driving modes: Sport mode red, blue and green for Normal mode or blue Econ mode.

To drive the vehicle using gasoline VTEC technology with a displacement of 1497cc, maximum power of 114hp and maximum torque of 145 Nm and an electric motor of 10 kW (13.6hp) and a torque of 78 Nm. The total capacity of these two units is 124hp and reaches a maximum torque of 174 Nm. The drive is transmitted to the front axle via a 6-speed manual transmission. In 2012, the car undergoes a facelift. System Drive the vehicle increased power to 137hp and 190 Nm.

Front suspension of the car is based on the MacPherson strut with forged aluminum and gas shock absorbers. During the construction work on the steering and undercarriage modeled on solutions such models as the Mini, Lotus Elise or Volkswagen Scirocco in order to ensure the model CR-Z is the best traction.

The standard car is equipped with the VSA, ABS system, tire pressure control, four airbags and curtain airbags, climate control, audio system, satellite navigation with Bluetooth enabled communications, connectors, USB and iPod