• Honda CR-X

Honda CRX (in some markets, the Honda Civic CR-X) – a small sports car with front-wheel drive produced by Honda Motor Company in the years 1983 to 1992.

Honda CRX I called Ballade Sports appeared on the market in 1984 and was based on the Honda Civic third generation.

CRX was supposed to be a middle-class sports car, designed primarily for young customers who appreciate sporty look and performance. Production of the first generation was completed in 1987.

Production Honda CRX II (Cyber ​​CR-X) was launched in September 1987. Like the previous version, Honda’s engineers have used as their baseline for components (mainly mechanical) with the Honda Civic, this time the fourth generation. Production CRX s second generation was completed in 1992.

The new version of CRX-and offered a slightly roomier interior with many amenities include adjustable steering wheel, filtered fresh air to the driver’s face while allowing heat settings to other parts of the body and electrically operated windows and mirrors (optional).

After 1991 years the car has undergone a facelift. Dual-chamber front lamps have been replaced with single chamber, changed the front and rear bumper, rear lamp rim added, narrowed side moldings and expanded indicators, which appeared under the air intakes. The interior received a new, more oval dashboard, changed the lighter front seats and upholstery.

What’s interesting version of VTEC (EE8) occurred only in the lift, to the visually differed dart rear, front bumper with turn signals occurring on the sides, wider headlights and hood, which, instead of the characteristic hump received a bulge in the middle of a forced B16A1 engine size.

The third generation Honda CRX (CRX del Sol, in the U.S. as Honda Del Sol) appeared in 1992, and was produced until 1997. Car was based on the Honda Civic fifth generation, but the designers have gone slightly from the previous concept CRX models, creating time 2-bedded Convertible, with removable targa roof type.

In Europe, offered two versions of the engine model