• Honda Civic Type R

Honda Civic Type-R – sportiest version of the Japanese "State Honda Civic car produced since 1996.

Honda Civic Type-R I – compact sports car produced by the Japanese company Honda. It is the sportiest version of the Honda Civic VI. The car received a DOHC VTEC engine with a capacity of 1.6-liter 185hp.

Honda Civic Type-R II was introduced in 2000. This is equivalent to generation Honda Civic VII.

The production car unlike the previous generation was launched in the UK factory Honda. In 2003, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the implementation of the production of the Honda Civic, Honda decided to celebrate this anniversary by issuing specially for the occasion, a series of limited edition Honda Civic Type-R II under the name 30th Anniversary Special Edition. Made a total of 300 cars, 100 in silver (Satin Silver), 100 in black (Nighthawk Black) and 100 in red (Milano Red). This Limited Edition cars differed from the basic version with red Recaro seats, a black rear seat, red carpet, red trim the sides of the front door and tinted rear windows. Under the rear wiper find the emblem with the words "30th Anniversary". In 2004 the car at the same time as other varieties Honda Civic VII generation passed facelift. In 2005, Honda has decided to implement the production of a variety of Premier Special Edition. It differed slightly from the version on the thirtieth of production.

This model of the Honda Civic has been recognized by leading magazines these automobiles, such as Top Gear (Jeremy Clarkson) and Fifth Gear (Tiff Needel) for the best "hot hatch" in the history of cars of this type.

Limited versions:

Honda Civic Type-R III offered in two versions. The first was intended for the European market, the other for the Japanese market. This is equivalent to VIII-generation Honda Civic.

For the Japanese market car went on sale March 30, 2007. For the first time the car was being sold as a sedan. In 2008, auto revamp, like other varieties of top-Honda Civic. The same model appears as a Type-R, and as a Type-R GT. These versions differ only in equipment. In 2010, discontinued the sedan and the hatchback

Equipment versions:

For sales hit a series of limited edition version of the Honda Civic Type-R III:

Honda Civic Type-R IV has been presented at trade fairs Geneva Motor Show in 2014. This is equivalent to IX generation Civic.

A characteristic feature of the fourth-generation version of the Type-R Civic is a huge rear spoiler (rear wheels increases downforce and improves handling when driving fast) with integrated LED lights. The front end grill with a huge front diffuser and headlamps with integrated daytime driving lights in LED technology. The rear bumper are four exhaust tips. The vehicle in relation to the civilian version differs include bumpers.

The vehicle is equipped with a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine series Earth Dreams Technology 280hp meets the Euro 6.