• Honda Argento Vivo

Honda Argento Vivo – sporty roadster Honda brand designed by Italian studio Pininfarina. Progenitor S2000.

Very low silhouette of the car has been finished with the front belt with narrow headlights and the car body is made of aluminum and fiberglass. The car is also equipped with a hard folding roof. In the interior of the car is dominated by leather, aluminum and wood.

2.5 liter, 5-cylinder engine with 190hp driving the rear wheels. After the presentation of the car has won several industry awards.

Designed by Pininfarina Honda liked the collector cars – the Sultan of Brunei, who ordered for his collection of five Honda Argento Vivo with the change of the suspension, brakes, transmission, and borrowed from the Mercedes engine – 7.3 l V12 AMG. Each of the cars cost more than $ 2 billion.