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The name Accord was derived from Honda’s tireless efforts to achieve "accord" (agreement) between people, society and the automobile through advanced technology. Honda was the beginning of the transformation of Japanese company that makes the Honda Civic, a leading enterprise always present in the U.S. and global market. For industry, the Accord has redefined a new type of car: combining economic and practical value with sporty style and spirit of competitor.

It is the model with the most nominations (22) and victories in the "List of 10 Best Cars" by the U.S. magazine Car and Driver.

The first Accord hits the U.S. market in 1976. Initially the only model was the 3-door hatchback. It had a 1.6 liter engine that was capable of providing 68 Horse Power. It cost $ 3,995.

The cylinders were aluminum, 5-speed transmission and included several details such as an AM/FM radio, remote trunk release and rear window clean with resistance to prevent fogging. For 1979 and the 4-door version was sold with 1.8 liter engine and power steering. Because for the time stressed Motor Trend engine efficiency and fuel economy, a legacy of Honda always.

The second generation Accord was born in 1982, this year the Accord was completely redesigned with a longer chassis and a choice of automatic transmission 4-speed which appeared in 1983. For the next year the engine is a further increase in 1751cc 1830cc, which provided 83 hp. In 1985 something very important happens: the use of fuel injection on a Honda vehicle is introduced first. This not only allows us to break the barrier of 100 hp (HP bringing it to 101 to be exact), but also fuel consumption is improved as never before recording 29/40 (city/highway) mpg. ago and 12 kilometers per liter of fuel

With the introduction of the third generation Accord, Honda had been right. It was no longer the new kid in the neighborhood, the Accord it had the most successful sales that you receive from your previous 2 generations. Henceforth began a trend characterizing Accord: it models with increasing size, but with more sporty and dynamic look. Front and rear independent suspension was introduced, the vehicle height is lowered achieving better aerodynamics that resulted in it right: better development and performance.

Once again the engine is increased, this time to 2.0 liter 98 HP provided (in carburetted version) and 110 HP (in release injection). Also displayed a range of versions including a hatchback (Aerodeck) and a two-door coupe (the first Honda that is completely assembled in the United States on the ground of Maryland.

For 1990, the Accord once again received radical changes: The width and length were increased again, reaching 4.70 mtr passing long by 1.70 mtr wide and making the Accord a true midsize sedan. A wagon version was added to the range of models and appeared two new mechanics: the new 2.0-liter engine. now featuring 133hp (97kW) @ 5400 rpm and version 2.2 ltr. (2.156 cm3) featuring 155hp (110 kW) @ 5900 rpm. The automatic transmission was renovated with a mode that allowed select gears manually, making it one of the top models of that time. Source: http://www.ultimatespecs.com/car-specs/Honda/7837/Honda-Accord-IV-20i.html Source: http://www.ultimatespecs.com/car-specs/Honda/7836/Honda -Accord-IV-22i.html

The main thing of this generation were a wider chassis, and the introduction of an icon in the world Honda: VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control). The body turned him into a "sporty sedan" and the 2.7 L V6 model is introduced with some outrageous (for the time) 170 hp. His start was supported by 165 lbf · ft of torque. 3.8bvv it is a V8 2.2L Including 16válvulas. In 1996, the Accord receives an reconditioning, you change the rear lights and the front.

With multiple sales records in the U.S., the Accord was already a benchmark in its segment. It was time to revolutionize the market once again: the engine, chassis and body can change. The coupe gets special treatment and is designed by the Research and Development Department of American Honda. Engineers and Review considered that this represented the most dramatic change of the Accord in style and strength. Adapting to the past security technologies currently double airbag with optional side airbags were introduced. Also, as always committed to ecology and the environment, the brand launches its first "Ultra Low Emission Vehicle" for the California market. The safety and environmental care are now an integral part of the philosophy of Honda. v6 has a 4-cylinder engine and comes with integrated online vtec and a maximum speed of 220km has seats skin and dual airbags.

The Accord had once more with more space in your cabin. The base model now had a 4-cylinder engine and 160 HP (close to 170 had produced the first version V6 almost 10 years ago). However, with more and more fans of their V6 version, Honda decided to spoil them with 3.0 L engine and 240 horses. The technology had greatly advanced and Honda did not skimp on accessories include the latest luxury model: satellite navigation, addition of side curtain airbags on all versions. This year is the debut of hybrid version of the Accord with 253 horses raised expectations about the future of hybrid cars. In 2006, the Accord receives reconditioning, the rear lights are changed to more modern front part too.

Overnight Honda officially unveiled the new Honda Accord 2008 for the American market, the eighth generation of the best selling car of the Japanese. There are many changes coming with this new edition, which is available in sedan and coupe with a bold design and sofisticado.Cabe mention that the coupe model has its greatest rival altima coupe v6 but to recognized journals especialisadas the accord coupe has a serious advantage to this technology and its greater potency.

Three engines are to be found in the new Accord, with greater power and efficiency, but also with lower levels of emissions. The sedan version is available with a four-cylinder 2.4-liter that produces 180 hp (14 more than the 2007 model); 2.4 L engine 200 hp (34 more) and five-speed manual gearbox (with optional five-speed automatic); or 3.5 L V6 engine of 273 horses which are administered by a five-speed automatic transmission. In turn, the Accord Coupe is offered with a four-cylinder 200 hp (34 more) and five-speed manual transmission; With the V6 engine of 273 horses (29 more) and a six-speed manual gearbox. For those who do not want to deal with the clutch in this coupe, an automatic five-speed transmission is also available.

The trim levels for the sedan are the LX, LX Premium (LX-P), EX, EX-L and EX V6. For the options are LX Coupe Sport (LX-S), EX, EX-L and EX V6. Battling in a segment where buyers look for a car that gives them maximum safety for the first time to the U.S. Accord range comes standard with disc brakes with four-wheel ABS, traction distribution of braking system control tire pressure, stability control and six airbags. Another improvement is the center of gravity of the vehicle, which is 1.7 cm lower, an upgraded suspension, larger distance between axles, wider track and wider tires for better stability. Gallery: 2008 Honda Accord (American model) Inside broader equipment depending on the version includes a navigation system, voice-activated Bluetooth hands free phone system, sound system 270W power with seven speakers, CD/MP3 player and dual zone climate control.

Honda has presented in Geneva the latest version of its midsize sedan, the 2009 Accord, in its two versions, sedan and tourer. The car has been designed from scratch, there is a restyling of the current version. The design follows the guidelines of the previous model but has been updated giving it a much more sleek and muscular look, with this new model significantly wider and slightly lower than the current model, which will infers a sportier look, very consistent with the philosophy of Honda.

The initial offering includes two petrol engines and a diesel engine that opens the second generation for the brand. Among the petrol is a 2-liter i-VTEC 156hp at 6,300 rpm and a 2.4 liter 200hp at 7,000 rpm. Diesel mechanics, called i-DTEC delivers 150hp at 4,000 rpm and maximum torque of 350 Nm at 2,000 rpm, and as Honda has the same degree of refinement than its predecessor. Note that the range meets the strict regulations Euro 5 anti-pollution.

All models incorporate a manual transmission standard 6-speed, choosing optional automatic 5-speed gearbox in the petrol versions. The models incorporate a manual transmission indicator light on the dashboard marking the optimum time for gear changes, helping reduce consumption by up to 5 percent.

According to Honda, the new model has significantly improved its performance by reducing the center of gravity, the increase in both pathways and increased structural rigidity. In terms of active safety the Accord includes a large number of systems in series and other option, some of them unpublished in the brand.

One innovation is the functioning of its adaptive power steering, which in conjunction with the stability control (standard across the range) detects when the car starts to slide in a curve, and invites the driver to turn in the right direction insinuating maneuver enough to react intuitively.

The advanced driver assistance (ADAS), which is offered as an option on the diesel version and the 2.4 petrol is responsible for avoiding an accident and allow for more relaxed driving. Bases its operation on three systems: a front camera that reads the lines of the road and detects deviations plotted in a radar system which keeps the distance to the preceding car and a system that helps reduce the effects of a rear-end collision, alerting the driver if the distance to the preceding car is dangerous and preparing the brakes.

Inside there that highlight the sporty design that Honda has wanted to give it. It incorporates great restraint seats, a multifunction leather steering wheel radio and reduced lever knob for very small changes.

Standard equipment includes power windows, dual climate control, stereo with CD player and 6 speakers (higher-end versions include a computer with CD changer in the console, 10 speakers and 8 channels of 45W) and iPod connection on the console. Optional navigation system includes satellite (standard on the Executive finish) with 8-inch screen and voice control.

The external dimensions were reduced in almost all senses with less than 70 mm total length, 24 mm in wheelbase, 11 mm in height. Only win five in total width. and is sitting comfortably five passengers with legroom, shoulder and head to spare. The trunk 447 liters in total and now has a more regular geometry that facilitates the use of space.

There is plenty of technology, new intelligent keyless entry (Smart Keyless Entry) and by switching on available from the EXL.y versions V6 version features new LED headlights type button (Smart Start Engine) projector

The new generation of Accord Sedan has the L4 engines with direct injection DOHC i-VTEC ® 2.4-liter SOHC V6 engine or i-VTEC ® 3.5-liter, both engines suffer refinement improvements as multipoint injection ( the four-cylinder direct injection premiere), i-VTEC system update, Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) second generation and new intake ports among others now to deliver 278 hp and 341 Nm of torque-controlled by an automatic transmission with six ratios. environmental issue further that Honda technologies aimed at reducing harmful emissions, such as the Eco Assist system, available in all versions, which allows the driver to adopt more efficient management resulting in better fuel efficiency remains. Also, the V6 version includes technology Variable Cylinder Management (VCM ®), which allows the engine to disable or enable the cylinders to the needs of management to optimize fuel consumption

The driver has to reach the intuituivos controls various systems on board: from HandsFreeLink ® interface for mobile phones with Bluetooth ® technology to the Multi-Touch screen information (ODMD) On demand Display, where you can control the audio system, GPS satellite controlled by voice commands, among others.The only stop GPS versions

Security within the new Accord sedan incorporates passive and active elements which are the new reverse camera monitor with three viewing angles built into the monitor screen and lane change assistance (Honda Lane Watch ™) devices increasing the driver’s field of vision and thus the safety of all passengers which are only available in the top versions.

versions are XL, EXL, EXL and EXL V6 Navi V6

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