• Ferrari Testarossa

Ferrari Testarossa – a sports car produced by the Italian company Ferrari, presented at the showroom in Paris in 1984. Boxer Berlinetta model was replaced after twenty years of production. Auto has become very popular, and within seven years made more than 7 thousand. copies. Despite many modifications designed to accommodate auto racing tracks, Testarossa never enjoyed success during the race. Successor to the Ferrari 550 Testarossa was Maranello, which, however, was already a classic drive. The engine placed in the front and rear wheel drive. Model Testarossa is one of the most spectacular in the range of Ferrari models, which was a tremendous commercial success, and also strengthened the position of the Ferrari as a manufacturer of exotic supercars. After the end of production of the F40 (1987-1992) in 1992, the three years he served as the flagship model Ferrari until the presentation of the successor model F50 1995 years.


Presented enhanced version Testarossy had a place in 1991. Changed the look… d then your body, reinforced engine over 420hp.

Latest version Testarossy, power increased to 440hp. It was planned to install the engine with F40 but eventually stopped with this idea. Fully visible headlight lenses replaced hiding electrically, tail lights gained resemblance to the model 355i

Ferrari Testarossa ’84 – TYL auta

Ferrari F512 TR – ’92

F512 TR

F512 M